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Firstly, i have to mention how i've
west coast on repeat all day. And it's not the first day. Most of the times when i'm designing, i get inspired by the songs i'm listening too. For the past 3 years i've been listening hell of a lot Lana Del Rey. There's just something about her that i can't get over. The melancholy, the story behind each song, the orchestra, the voice and of course the looks. Weirdest thing ever, is that i reach my most inspired moments when i'm sad. Maybe that's when all the intense emotions happen. And her songs, definitely give me the goosebumps. So yeah, this graphic is dedicated to the West Coast ;) And with that said, i did a version for the song, cos i just couldn't help myself.
There was another post about my schedule on TFL in the past, but after the earthquakes in January, i kinda lost it. This week i decided to scratch everything and start brand new. To be honest, it feels refreshening to change every now and then your routine. So in order to keep the tfl updated, and to answer to a few emails i got recently, here's my Monday to Sunday.

07:00 pm Waking up to see the sun rise, might be very tough, but worths every second lost sleeping. In my morning ritual, i try to stay away from my phone except the first 5 minutes i wake up. Between you and me, there would be no other way to get me to keep my eyes open.
Tidying up the house, walking Bella, brushing Bella, having breakfast and before i know it, it's already 9.

09:00 am Before i start working, i dedicate about an hour to catch up with the blogs i'm following, replying to emails and comments, pinteresting, instagraming and scheduling my day. All that, normally would take about 3 hours minimum, but because there is no luxury in that, just imagine me doing all that without catching a breath :)
10:00 am Around 10 (sometimes earlier, cos i'm that awesome) i start working on the project with the highest priority, taking 10 minutes break every hour that passes by. Some days, i might have to go out, run chores, or ship packages. That's when my days are scheduled with an hour free for that.

01:30 pm Yes ladies, you didn't read anywhere that i cook! Actually, my pretty darn amazing husband cooks and i love him so for doing that. Every once in a week (honestly, more than that) i'll get to cook as well. So we get a whole 30min to prepare the table and eat.

02:00 pm No time wasted, and i'm back in my office working again. Normally, at that time i'm more relaxed since the most important projects are done in the morning. I get to work side and personal projects and prepare my blog post for the day - which i kid you not, takes about 2 hours. I put so much love into this place!
05:00 pm A very much needed 30 min nap is the first thing i do. I realised that waking up so early, and working non-stop, by the point that i close my computer, i'm simply exhausted. Taking a small nap, is like recharging my batteries.
At that point, phone is allowed, for personal pleasure only lol. No business, no replying to clients. Sorry guys, but this brain has to stay sane in some way! After the nap, Bella and i take a long walk for about an hour by the lake, which is super relaxing for both of us.
06:30 pm When we get back, a 45 min yoga class and then a good cold (well almost) shower and i'm as good as new!
08:00 pm Around that time we're either sitting on the balcony, or preparing for dinner. And then there's always movie or an episode at 9.

Those are just everyones favourite. On weekends, i get to sleep till 8 - 8:30 (hooray!). No business is allowed in the house. We focus on relaxing, spending some quality time with each other, see friends and family and going on mini getaways to the beaches around the island.
Within the weekdays though, we always try to squeeze in - on a not so busy day - working from the beach with our laptops, going for a small walk, or walking to the square. I believe it's very important to add some flavour in your daily and a few "bonuses" to keep you going!
Graphics and Cover designed by cocorrina
Botanical illustrations here Indian Fern | Camilia | Camilia Corallina

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