CORNER POLITICS · Sep 23, 2021

Everyone Loves an Asshole, Part III

I didn’t mix my words. There was no hesitation. My ego was now in full command. I placed my hand along the side of her cheek and looked into her eyes.

“Make me come in your mouth”

That’s all the instruction Ava needed to hear. She pulled back her tresses and moistened her lips. My heart beat was frantic, anticipating that very moment she’d bless me with her talent. My breath grew short. As August Alsina began to croon, her chocolate tulips embraced my shaft. Three licks in and I found myself accelerating down Virginia Avenue. My angelic concubine was finally treating me to the slow sex that I longed for. She was taking her time, loving every inch of me. I found myself enjoying every part of her mouth. The torture of not being able to see her performance only added to the pleasure. Her tongue stroked me gently, making me call her by name.

“Damn Ava, I love how you do that!”

She moaned happily and continued her work. My private night rider changed the tempo by slowly swallowing me whole. My body shivered as I fought to stay upright. I could feel the perspiration on my forehead as my lover enveloped all of me. I tried my best to keep my hands steady as both of our lives depended on it. And then, from out of nowhere, I saw the blue lights in my rearview.

“Ah shit, babe!”

Ava started to speak, but I guided her back to the task. I was getting close to my destination and I refused to be interrupted. The anxiety of being pulled over blended with Ava’s oval favors was sending me into a stratosphere that I had never experienced. The lights were starting to close in.

“Keep it right there, baby! Keep it right there!”

I could feel the heat starting to rise up from its resting place. I grabbed the steering wheel tight as I prepared for Ava to exhume my essence. Just when I thought Fulton County was going to pull me over, they went around me, refusing to look in my direction. The excitement of the pursuit was now gone. And Ava, being a creature of habit, regressed back to sucking me fast and reckless.

“Babe, babe”

Instead of slowing down, she pulled her mouth away, exposing me to the night air. She took her hand and stroked me while she went back to an upright position.

“Why you holding out on me? I felt you coming”

I was tired of telling the truth. It wasn’t like she was going to hear me anyway. Instead, I simply replied,

“Is that pussy wet baby?”

She gave a devilish grin and started to unzip her shorts. She took her hand and began to pleasure herself.

“Baby, I need that dick inside of me”

A rush came over me as she moaned. I knew what needed to be done. I didn’t want to lose the adrenaline I had built up from the car chase. Instead of making a right onto North Central, I went left so I could jump on 85. I took the first exit and cruised the highway until I found an abandoned liquor store. The surrounding properties seemed to be closed for the evening. I needed her in the worst way. I pulled to the side of the building where there was another open parking lot and parked the car.

“Enough of that baby, I wanna fuck you now!”

There was no back talk as my lover attempted to mount my saddle. Unfortunately, there was not enough room to get it in exactly like I wanted.

“Roman, I don’t know if this is gonna . . .”

“Hush, and do as I say”

The more I took charge, the more Ava liked it. She licked her lips as I opened my door.

“Wait! Where are you going?”

I walked along the front of the car and made my way to the passenger door.


“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see in a minute”

“I can’t go anywhere looking like . . .”

Before she could utter another word, I helped my mistress out of the car. I wasn’t going to lose this moment.

“You just got me out here, ass all out! What if someone sees us?”

“That’s the point. I want them to see”

Her stilettos were still on, giving her round ass all the life it needed. I could feel myself rising even stronger. I bent Ava over on the hood and dropped my pants.

“Roman, wait!“

I had waited long enough. My tongue found her sun and sucked the nectar from it. It wasn’t long before I found myself inside her walls. Her temple was so wet that my legs shook!

“Damn Ava”

“Yes daddy, give me that dick!”

Her encouragement and wetness should have been enough to get me off, but it wasn’t. As I surveyed her posture, I started to think back to the video that was sent. My dick grew harder as I started to replay the video in my mind. I started to imagine that Cheyenne was the one that was draped on my car with her sexy ass in my possession. I reinserted my shaft and began to fuck her relentlessly.

“That’s it! That’s it!”

My thighs collided against hers as I forced her to take it all.

“You like that dick, baby? You like that dick?”

She whimpered as I continued to give her everything I had.

“Tell me you like it”

She moaned in ecstasy, but I wasn’t satisfied. I pulled on her locs and quickened the pace.

“Tell me you like it! Tell me!”

“Yes daddy, yes!”

“Is this my pussy, baby? Is this my pussy?”

“It’s yours, baby! It’s yours!”


“It’s yours, Roman!”

“That’s a good girl. You’re make me come”

“Yes! Yes!”

My backstreet lover showered my shaft with her gratitude.

“Ohhhh baby! You’re trying to kill me tonight!”

Indeed I was, but I wasn’t done. Ava started to raise up from her position, but I quickly grabbed her by the wrist and brought her back to life.

“Roman, you’re gonna make me come again baby!”

“Come, come for me”

“I can’t”

“Yes, you can”

I continued my assault until I was almost there. As I felt myself start to arrive, I barked one more command,

“Suck it out”

She turned around and granted my request. My concubine took all of me to the point where I couldn’t stand. I leaned against the ride, forgetting that we were outside. After the orgasm passed, I pulled up my slacks and joined Ava in the car. My lover had the biggest smile on her face. As I started the car, I knew what needed to be done. If Cheyenne could make me climax just off memory, how good would it be to have her in the flesh? I needed to know for myself.

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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