CORNER POLITICS · Feb 22, 2021

Give Me What I Want, Part II

“I can feel you, Chance. C’mon and give me what I want”

I tried to say no, but the heat from her tongue paralyzed me. Fear set in as she played with my emotions, forcing me to give in. Her hand drew me closer as her lips embraced mine. Her tulips tasted like sweet honeydew. Her skin smelled like paradise. I couldn’t stop myself from wanting more of her. My hands found their way to her hips, then to her plush posterior.

“Damn Kamiyah”

My pants became slack as her hand maneuvered their way in, massaging my heart.

“It’s been too long, Chance. I want it. I want it in my mouth”

Oh so long, for this night I prayed! Jesus! Ever since that ill forgotten night, I’ve daydreamed of hearing those words from my thick legged friend. I opened my eyes as she descended to her knees. My hormones were breakdancing, celebrating this moment in my Black history! However, the exhilaration was short lived as my heart took me to task, reminding me of the woman who had already taken up residence. My mind pulled out the viewmaster and played back all the times Kamiyah treated me less than. There were too many instances where she refused to give me the time of day, leaving me to feel stupid for even contacting her. I took a breath and found my strength.

Before the seductress could pull me out, I grabbed her by the hand.

“As much as I really want this ‘Miyah, I think we need to talk”

Those brown, doe eyes were beginning to absorb my power. I quickly zipped up my slacks and headed over to the sitting area.

“Well damn! You’re gonna leave a sista on her knees, huh? This must be mighty important for you to pass up these soup coolers!”

Kamiyah let her tongue roll against her top lip as she came my way. Her breasts bounced happily, reminding me of their worth. Her black pumps gave her backside the ability to conquer my being. Seeing her walk made me want to fuck her with every breath I had within! The war inside my soul was out of control. I seized the remote and was able to find refuge in the news. Once my enchantress was settled in her chair, my world was clear once again.

“So Chance, what’s so important that we couldn’t get a quickie in?”

“A quickie? Girl do you know where we are?”

“Of course I know! We’re downstairs, in the basement. The soundproof basement. The secluded, no cameras, basement”

“And who told you all that?”

“Jessica, of course! I do my homework”


“Yes, homework. Do you think I wanted to be here amongst all them females upstairs during this pandemic?”

“But you could have just called me and we could have met at a local place”

“C’mon babe, let’s be real about this. I didn’t want to meet at some Starbucks down the street. I wanted to get you alone. And seeing that you have been avoiding me, this was the best option available”

“In Devin’s basement? The good reverend?”

“Trust, Devin ain’t always been saved. Besides, we got all the quiet time in the world down here. Jessica said that she would keep the good reverend occupied upstairs until I texted her”

I could only shake my head.

“Why did you conspire to get me alone? And how did you know that Devin would call to get you to come down here?”

“Chance, you men are so predictable! I knew that you would probably run and hide if you saw me here. Second, we both know you can’t hold water and Devin likes to confront situations head on. It was just a simple deduction. But believe me, I wouldn’t have gone through this charade if I didn’t wanna be with you”

“I hear you Kamiyah and a part of me wants to believe you, but why now? Why are you trying for me now after you put me down?”

“Put you down? Me? Nah, you’re the one that passed over my pics like I was some groupie”

“I’m not talking about a week ago. You’ve been putting me down for years. I’ve tried to be your man and instead, you’ve treated me like a cancer”

“No I didn’t, Chance! I think you’re exaggerating”

“But I’m not Kamiyah. In fact, you’re the reason I went on Match”

“Now wait a minute! You said the Tangie and Kyla fiasco led to that?”

“Well that too. The bad choices I made regarding women in the past three years came after that night. All because I wanted you and refused to take your obvious avoidance of me as a no”


“Yep, avoidance. I remember back in September when I was in the studio with Charlie. I was feeling good that he wanted to use one of my songs for his new project. I texted and said that I wanted to see you. I said that I missed you and I wanted another chance with you. I told you that I would drive to wherever you were, I just needed to see your face. Your response? That’s sweet”

“I don’t remember that! There must have been some miscommunication”


“C’mon Chance! I explained what was going on, but you never said anything. The phone calls stopped. Text messages were less. I just assumed that we were both busy. I told you that I wanted to see you, but that Tory/Meg thing was in the way. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Kamiyah, like I said, I did. I invested too much time in someone that didn’t want me. So, I moved on”

“I’m sorry you felt like that babe, honestly. But I’m here now, right now”

She started to get up from her seat, but I quickly moved to the bar, grabbing the moonshine that Devin left out.

“Ohhhhh, so now I get it! You’re doing all of this to get back at me for taking so long”

“Get back? This is not get back”

“If I tell you that I’m interested in you now, why are you giving me the cold shoulder?”

“Ummmm, probably because I’m in a relationship. Can’t you respect that?”

She sat up in the recliner. I could see her heels actually digging in the floor, her hands pressed against her head. I poured myself a taste and decided to stay at the bar. After a few minutes passed, I asked the question again.

“So can you respect that I’m in a relationship right now? Can you be a friend and be happy for me?”

Kamiyah looked at me with those same doe eyes, shaking her head.

“I don’t think I can, Chance. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I know how this story is gonna end”

“Kamiyah, she’s everything that I’ve hoped for. She’s everything I’ve ever dreamed”

“That’s what you think, but baby, she ain’t me! And whether you like it or not, I’m not yielding my ground to her. I’m the one that loves you baby! Me, not her!”

Written by The Wednesday Gentleman

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