CORNER POLITICS · Mar 12, 2021

I Got A Story to Tell

My lover smiled as she made her way back to me.

“So why are you sending me back up now?”

“Because you girl, Inez, is here”

My heart stopped without warning.

“Say what?! What is she doing here?”

“Are you asking me? I must have cleaned you real good!”

“That you did, but that’s beside the point! She’s supposed to be in New Mexico pitching her business? Did you and Jessica try to set me up?”

“First of all, why in the hell would I do something like that, especially when it interrupted my fun?” Second, Jessica doesn’t have any skin in the game! Hell, none of us have even seen this chick, playa!”

“You’re right! You’re right! Shit has got me paranoid right now!”

“I understand. Whether you want to or not, you’ve got to pull yourself together. The longer you linger, the better your lie will have to be. But don’t worry, I’ll be right there. Besides, I want to get an up close and personal look at my competition”

Kamiyah only knew how to win. Whenever she lost, the world always felt her wrath. There was absolutely no fucking way I was going upstairs with her! She flashed that innocent smile, but I knew what was behind those teeth; straight venom! And if history has taught me anything, it’s to never be in the same room with women that you have slept with. Regardless of how long it’s been, women tend to figure that shit out! Like they got a sixth sense or some shit! I needed to keep the peace.

“No Kamiyah, you’re staying down here”

“Says who? It’s a free country and I don’t have any strings on me!”

She fixed her makeup as she attempted to torture me some more, but now was not the time.

“Kamiyah, we can’t get into this. Not tonight. If you want a shot with me, I need you to respect me and let me manage this my way”

She closed her compass and looked at me for a minute.

“Because I care for you, I’m going to let you handle this. But trust me Chance, this is not over! You owe me!”

Just the sound of that brought me back to life. If only Inez could give head like Kamiyah.

“So Mr. Waters, what’s gonna be your excuse for being down here in the basement when everyone else is upstairs? You can’t say that you were hanging out with Devin because he’s up there with wifey”

I looked around for any type of inspiration, and then it came to me like a song I wrote.



“Yes, ice! If I know my cousin, he keeps bags of Sonic ice down here. He has to have a particular kind to drink his concoctions with”

I ran over to the bar and into the deep freezer, and there, as I expected, were upteen bags of Sonic ice. I quickly grabbed two bags from the ice box and started my ascension upstairs.

“Remember, we’re not done, Lover, Lover! I’ll be calling you!”

I simply nodded as I headed up the stairs. I finessed the door open with my fingers. As the new light hit my face, I could smell the barbecue in the air. To my left, the sea of red that greeted me was now gathering in the main area, plates in hand. To my right was the dining area which now doubled as the gift station. I could see Devin through its doors talking to someone. I needed to make sure that we got our story straight before I saw Inez. As I drew near, there was Pastor Devin, cutting up some swine for this sexy, dark honey, Serenaesque goddess draped in black leather. The way that ass gave power to her attire, I knew it could only be her.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in Albuquerque?”

Devin gave me the head nod as Inez turned toward me. My god she was ravishing! It was like she stepped out of the KING edition of Black Enterprise! She was flawless, reminding me why no one else could exist in her sphere. Instead of giving a response, my love stared into my soul, put her plate aside, and walked towards me. Before I could speak, she quieted my anxiety with her lips. I was high all over again.

“Hey you! I hope you don’t mind that I came! I closed on the account early, and since we were scheduled to come to this shindig together, I thought I would surprise you!”

“Color me surprised babe!”

“What are you doing with two bags of ice in your hands? And what have you been drinking this evening? I can taste it all over your lips!”

“Some of your host prize moonshine. I think I may have had a little too much”

“You think?”

“Maybe. As for the ice, dear ol’ cuz sent me down to his man cave to get his precious ice. I nearly fell going down those damn stairs! He got me drunk and then tried to kill me! See what happens when you try to help your family?”

Brother preacher looked at me quite perturbed.

“Help family? Ohhhhh, so you act brand new when your woman is around, huh? See Inez, Chance likes to show out in front of his women. He was always the one trying to do Globetrotter tricks on the basketball court whenever the young girls were around”

“But did we win fam? Did we win?”

“Barely, and that’s only because I bailed you out with my three point shots!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah! Excuse my cousin sweetheart. I think the barbeque is starting to effect his memory”

Inez laughed while Devin stared at me wanting to know what took me so long. Before I could speak, Inez chimed in.

“Devin, your home is so beautiful! It’s wonderful to finally meet some of Chance’s family. You’ve been nothing short of hospitable, especially with the spread”

“I wish he’d be hospitable to me! I’m still standing with these bags in my hand!”

Devin looked at me as if I was laying it on too thick. I took a beat and remembered why I needed to bring the bags up in the first place. I placed the ice in the sink while Inez recaptured her plate.

“Chance, you want me to fix you something?”

“No baby. You just got off the plane. I got me. Eat and relax. I’ll be around shortly”

My little ray of sunshine sashayed her way to the nearest seat. It wasn’t long before she was engaged with the other guests. I could hear them complimenting my queen on her hairstyle. Inez was the only woman I knew that could make a mohawk shine like a crown. As for me, I was trying to smuggle some mac and gouda, but Devin kept poking me.

“Ninja what do you want?”

He looked at me, then looked at Inez. He looked at me again, then looked at Inez. Then finally he said

“Fam, I can see why you love this woman! She’s beautiful! I’m still trying to understand why she chose . . .”

“Watch it reverend!”

“And you found her on a lonely heart website?”

“You got all the jokes, I see”

“Okay, okay, enough of that. I can see why you are trying to forsake all others. Now did you stand up for love like I told you? Did you dismiss Kamiyah?”

No sooner had the words fell from his tongue, my temptress came into view, standing alongside Jessica in front of the fireplace as the hostess made an announcement. Kamiyah had a clear line of sight as I stood helpless behind the kitchen island. Inez was just a few feet away. I knew I had to get out of there quickly before that sixth sense shit kicked in.

“Devin, let’s take this conversation out the door if you don’t mind”

He nodded and within seconds, we were at the mailbox.

“So what the hell happened between you and Kamiyah? It seems that everything went well if she is still here?”

“No, not exactly”

“So she took the dismissal hard? That didn’t seem to be the case from what I saw”

“Honestly Rev, she’s the one that ended our business relationship. Even set me up with a group in LA for free for six months”

“Wait. Free? Kamiyah don’t do free, unless, please tell me you didn’t entertain her?”

“What do you mean by entertain?”

“You know good and hell well what I mean by entertain!”

I looked at my cousin as I finished the last of my mac and cheese.

“Devin, what did you expect was gonna happen? I haven’t had sex in a month and she’s got all those goodies that were just waiting to get dug into”

“No, no, no Chance!”

“Well if makes you feel better, I didn’t fuck her”

“So what did you . . .”

Before the good reverend could finish his statement, Kamiyah’s thick thighs emerged from the other side of the front door, Coach bag in hand. She had the biggest smile on her face as she came to pass by.

“Thank you for the spread reverend”

“Thank you for coming. Glad you could make it, Kamiyah”

She stood there with her eyes fixed on me. She knew what I wanted to hear.

“You don’t have to worry, Chance. I didn’t say anything. I just stayed long enough to check out my competition. She’s a beautiful girl, no doubt, but you still owe me”

Before I could muster a response, she disappeared into her silver Mercedez and headed out of the neighborhood.

Devin looked at me, shaking his head in disgust.

“Cuz, you’re in trouble”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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