If There’s Hell Below, Part II

I walked to the den and sat in his favorite chair, waiting for him to walk through the door. My eyes were wide open as I could hear his key slide into the lock. I could feel his presence as the metal barrier slowly gave way. I drew the pistol, expecting the same in my direction. But instead of staring down his shotgun, Terry entered the room with a permanent smile on his face. That unrestrained grin turned into a grimace as he recognized the shit he was in.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, now ‘der girl! Whatcha doing wit’ my gun?”

“Where the hell you been, Terry? The store is all over the news!”

“I’ve been busy keeping the police off my ass! Now if you please, put down the gun before you hurt someone!”

I shook my head no, but my hands started to tremble. He took two steps towards me.

“C’mon Cheyenne, there’s no need for you to have that. I’m here now. I’m all the protection you need”

He took another two steps.

“Protect me?”

“Yeah! Why wouldn’t I take care of you? I’ve been doing it all this time”

He took another two steps.

“Stay back Terry!”

“Woman, what the hell is wrong wit’ ya?”

“Whitney is what’s wrong! Jason got shot behind that shit at the store!”

“He did?”

“Yes! And according to Whitney, you had her go in for inventory!”

“Ahhhhhhh! So you think I was trying to have your homegirl killed?”


“Now, CiCi, why the fuck would I do that, eh?”

“Terry, I don’t know why you do half the shit you do! You told me you were going there and then you changed course”

He stopped and paused.

“Well if you must know, I got a tip about the sting from a pigeon inside the force”

“A tip?”

“Yeah, buddy informed me as soon as I got in the car. No one knew that I was coming into the store tonight outside of you and Jace. And on the real, you ain’t that cold or smart to double cross me like that”

My fear quickly transformed into anger. I could feel the heat rise from my face as tears slowly came from my eyes. The gall that this motherfucker had to degrade me to my face? Not smart enough? The nerves left, but Terry was now in front of the couch, standing, smirking, continuing his “brilliant” deduction.

“So I figured that Jace tried to set me up. That fucker had been talking about leaving the game! Talking about he wanted to move and settle down in fucking Idaho! Can you believe that shit? Idaho?”

“Do you even care that Jason might not make it because you pulled Whitney into this?”

“What can I say Cici, shit happens! I mean, I couldn’t let Jace know I was onto him. Now please, for the last time, put the gun away. You’re making me nervous, and you know how I get when I’m nervous”

He took another step forward, but I refused to put down the gun. I could smell the Hennessey and infidelity on him now. Despite his pores telling his whereabouts, I wanted the confession.

“So where have you been all this time? It’s damn near one o’clock”

“Woman, what did I tell you about questioning me? You don’t get to ask me where I’ve been as long as I’m paying the bills around here!”

I shook my head as he took another step forward. I could see the red demon in his eyes. A part of me wanted to run, remembering the last time he looked like this, but I stood there.

“Terry, where have you been?”

He chuckled to himself as he looked down at his hands. Then, as if there was nothing wrong, he looked at me with that devilish grin.

“Fucking Tamara and Lisa. And them bitches can fuck too!”

“You dirty mother . . .”

Before I could pull the trigger, I felt all of Terry’s weight hitting my stomach, knocking me down to the floor.

“You stupid bitch! Now, I gotta teach you who the man is!”

Before I could figure out what was going on, I felt the back of Terry’s hand against my face.

“I told your ass, don’t you question me!”

I cried as he turned me over on my stomach. He lifted my gown and pulled down my panties.

“You did say that you were going to let me have that pussy, right?”

“No Terry! Please don’t do this!”

“Oh, you’re gonna give me what I want!”

I could feel the palm of his hand against my back. I could hear my torturer laugh as he unzipped his pants. Although my body started to prepare to go numb, my mind wouldn’t permit it. I couldn’t give in like I had done countless times before. The reel of my life with Terry started to play. I saw all the abuse that I permitted myself to go through. I saw the fear in my babies’ eyes every time I left them alone with him. I saw how my plan tonight unraveled and possibly cost Whitney her devoted husband. I deserved my happily ever after. My daughters deserved to grow up in an environment where they didn’t have to fear momma getting beat again. I didn’t want that curse on them. I needed to do something!

I laid on the floor and allowed my eyes to search for the gun. As the mister continued to do his business, I located the weapon. As I secured the pistol, I felt Terry’s strong hand pinning down my wrist.

“Now what the hell were you trying to do, eh?”

He took the gun from my hand and tossed it. He turned me over and looked into my eyes.

“What the fuck are you doing? Bitch, you need a readjustment!”

He reached into his pocket and grabbed a small knife. Right as he began to aim it in my direction, I said a silent prayer for my girls. It was at that moment that one of my princesses emerged from her room and cried,

“Mr. Terry, what are you doing to momma?”

“Katrina, go back to bed! Me and your momma are talking!”

She continued to stare in our direction. Terry was frozen in place as he held the knife in his hand. For me, this was the only shot I had to come out alive. I grabbed his hand and drove the blade into the right side of his neck!

“Bitch, what the fuck! What the fuck!”

He fell on his back and gasped for air as the blood continued to pour. I stood to my feet and looked over him as he struggled for his last breath.

“Just so you know, I was the one that set you up! This will be the last time you ever lay your hands on me!”

His eyes bulged out before he gave up the ghost. I looked at him as he laid there, motionless, lifeless. I walked over to my daughter, who was still frozen in place.

“It’s okay baby. He’ll never hurt us again”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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