CORNER POLITICS · Aug 26, 2021

She Lives in the Land of Make Believe, Part II

“Roman! Roman! We didn’t finish our talk!”

I turned around and there was Yasmine Fairchild, the new thick legged program director that I was trying my best to avoid. She had only been at the agency for two weeks and had found a way to pluck every nerve that I had! It felt like every twenty minutes she was either sending a question via email or showing up at my office door when I was in town. I shook my head as I walked back to the sidewalk.

“Yasmine, didn’t Desha inform you that I rescheduled our meeting for next Monday?”

“She did, but since you were in the office I thought . . .”

Yasmine words trailed off as I stared straight through her soul. I glared at her and then at my watch to drive my point home. After a minute of yammering, Yasmine finally caught on.

“Oh my! I’m so sorry, Mr. Roman! You probably think I’m some kinda wackadoo, don’t you?”

I didn’t say a word. The expression on my face said it all.

“I wasn’t trying to intrude, Mr. Roman. I was just scared that I was doing something wrong as to why we had to have a meeting”

“Mrs. Farichild, I meet with all of my managers every other week to see how operations are going. Nothing bad at all, just a standard meeting”

“Oh, you all do things differently here! In my country, we . . .”

“Mrs. Fairchild, not to cut you off, but I’m late for an appointment. We’ll talk on Monday, okay?”

“Oh, I’m so sorry Mr. Roman. See you on Monday”

I exhaled and started toward the car again. I took a look at the time and saw that it was almost four thirty! Even though my GPS stated that it would only take forty minutes to get there, I knew that with traffic and parking, I would be pushing it to arrive at the agreed hour.

With a minute to spare, I made it to the extravagant dive bar. After I gave my keys to the valet, I headed up the walkway. A part of me wondered why Ava wanted to meet here of all places? I mean, it didn’t look like much from the outside, especially to have valet service! Still, I wanted to see my Fenty model. It’s not everyday that I’m blessed with the company of such a captivating and athletic goddess. So I let go of the bad energy as I reached the front of the building. There sitting on the bench, was my beautiful friend, shining like the star that she was.

“Hey lover, I see that you made it! I was beginning to worry about you”

“Worried? I’m only a few minutes late”

“But you, Mr. Ellis, are never late”

“Yeah, kinda got held up at the office, and then there was traffic”

“I hear you lover. So are you ready to eat? I’m starving!”

I helped my angel to her feet. And then, out of nowhere, she pulled my face towards hers and gave me the sloppiest kiss!

“Well damn! Do we need to get the meal to go?”

“Nah, let’s eat here first. Besides, my next game is on Sunday. I got time tonight”

I smiled to myself as we entered the establishment.

“Good evening, Mr. Ellis. We have your booth ready as you requested”

“Thank you”

I grabbed Ava by the hand as we followed the maitre d’ to our seats. I could see the other patrons gawking at us.

“I guess you’re Mr. Big Time now, huh? Got all these women wanting to get next to your fine ass!”

“Me? Shit, you don’t think the attention has nothing to do with the Black Wonder Woman being in their midst?”

“Roman, most of these people don’t even watch women’s basketball!”

“I don’t watch Wonder Woman, but I know her when I see her!”

“You always know exactly what to say to make a girl feel good”

Ava smiled as we settled into our private bubble.

“So what are you going to have, lover?”

“I’m not sure. I’ve never been here before”

“Well whatever you get, be sure to get some of their tuna fish”

“Tuna fish? Really?”

“Believe me when I say, that shit slaps! No cap!”

I nodded my head in confusion while my dinner companion pondered over the choices that were available What the fuck did ‘no cap’ mean? This was one of the barriers that I had with Ava. While my ego celebrated the fact that I was smashing an athlete who was thirteen years my junior, I had a hard time understanding the new vernacular. Listening to Ava and her friends discuss anything sometimes felt like I was solving Algebraic word problems.


I grabbed my phone from the corner to put it on silent. When I turned on my screen, I saw that I received a DM from my weary day vixen. Instead of ignoring the message, I let curiosity get the best of me and opened it. There was Cheyenne, naked, with her honey colored skin wrapped in a green towel. I couldn’t look away even though the waitress brought me back to my senses.

“So what will you all be having tonight?”

I couldn’t focus, but I had enough wherewithal to point to Ava to order first.

“Hmmmm. I think I’m going with the fried lobster tails with a side of tuna fish. And, if I can have a mango margarita to start, that would be great!”

The mic was passed to me, but I didn’t know what to say. I gave the menu a once over and then made my request.

“I think I’m gonna have the deluxe seafood platter”

“What about the tuna? You gotta try the tuna, Roman”

“And I guess I’ll have the tuna as well. If you could bring me a Blue Moon to start with also, that would be fine”

“Bottle or tap?”

“Definitely a bottle. Thank you ma’am”

“No problem, Mr. Ellis. Drinks should be out in five minutes”

“Well since we have a little time before the drinks come, do you mind showing me to the ladies’ room?”

The waitress obliged and led my companion to the nearest washroom. As for me, my ego was already in full gear.

“Nigga! Did you see that pic? Go ahead and tell her that you want to see more!”

“I am not doing that. Do you remember our last conversation?”

“Bruh! C’mon man! You know she already got the pics set up! She’s just waiting for you to ask. We got time! You know it’ll probably take Ava five minutes just to sit down in that bathroom!”

Despite my better judgment, I grabbed my phone once again and messaged Cheyenne.

“So why you gonna tease me like that? Let me see what you got hiding under that towel”

Now what I expected to receive was a glimmer of a nipple, or if I was lucky, a cleavage shot. Instead, what I received next in my inbox made me pull out my ear buds. Cheyenne began to send clips of herself masturbating in the shower! I tried to close it and wait until I was alone, but my ego wasn’t haven’t it.

“And what are you about to do? Nigga if you don’t play this shit and let’s see what old girl working with, you better!”

I looked around before I unveiled the first clip. I could feel the air around me get thinner as I witnessed Cheyenne in all of her glory. She stood under the shower head and gave herself a pregame rinse. After, she cleaned and lubed her toy which was against the back wall of her oversized shower bath. She then looked at the camera and said

“I told you I’ve been thinking about you. Let me show you how much”

The second clip continued with her massive backside sliding onto the inanimate object, The way she eased onto the waterproof shaft had my mouth salivating.

“Oooooohhhh Roman, you’re so big! Be gentle baby, you know this pussy’s tight. Yeah, there you go. You’re in there now”

My muscle began to jump as if it had hydraulics! She moaned as she began to guide it into her soul, allowing me to watch her beautiful mounds of joy ripple with reckless abandon. I could feel my member getting harder and harder as she continued to increase her speed. She placed one of her hands on the soap dish for additional leverage. She looked at the camera and licked her lips.

“I want you to make me come, Roman! I want you to make me come!”

I felt my hand slide down my leg as Cheyenne’s free hand grabbed the rim of the tub. She continued to make herself happy as I started to forget where I was. I was trapped in her fantasy, pretending that I was the one giving her the pleasure that she yearned for.

“Yes Roman, yes, that’s it! Make me, make me . . .”

Suddenly, I felt a pain in my shin. I looked up to see that Ava had returned to the table. Her face was painted with confusion and concern.

“Roman, what are you watching?”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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