When Friends Become Lovers

I guess you can say I’m messy, but it was never in my plans. Never. I didn’t envision myself being with another man, let alone my girlfriend’s husband! I had given up on that type of relationship many moons ago. I was comfortable in my “alternative” lifestyle. Anyone that actually mattered in my life respected my choice and my relationships, no matter how toxic they may have seemed. That may be the very reason why I’m here, at a quarter to ten, waiting at a questionable BP station, yearning to see him again.

Now before you get all in a tizzy, please understand that I still desire to be with women. That part of me will never change! However, my heart has opened up for Kenneth in a way that I never thought it could. When Morgan proposed the threesome idea, I was dead set against it. I had no desire to be submissive to a man, especially in that way. Besides that, I had been in a few three ways with former lovers and none, I repeat, none of them went well. In the end, somebody always got jealous and somebody always caught feelings.

So you’re probably wondering, “Why did you participate if you already knew the ending?” Well, all I can say is that lust will make you do some dumb shit! Of course I could try to justify the whole thing and say that Morgan tricked me into this, but that’s not it. I wanted her and I was willing to lie to myself to make it happen. In my mind, I was playing the long game. She would eventually see how devoted I was and finally leave him. However, as the weeks grew to months, I could see that I was only a pawn in her game. She was never going to leave Kenneth for me, and after learning my opponent, I could understand why.

There’s something innately beautiful about Kenneth Bailey that makes you want to be a part of his world. He has this energy that is utterly contagious, you know? On top of that, he’s insightful and takes his time when he explains his theories and beliefs. I’ve never met a man who actually welcomed different perspectives and actually listened! Even though my initial mission was to be a smokescreen for me and Morgan, I accidentally befriended Kenneth. I couldn’t believe I almost lost his friendship when he found out about me and Morgan. We didn’t talk for almost a week! But after some personal video apologies, we were able to get past that episode.

Have you ever fucked your best friend? Was it weird for you? Me too! I had grown comfortable with our little arrangement. I didn’t have to touch him, he didn’t have to touch me. Everything was copasetic until Morgan suggested that Kenneth penetrate me too. Morgan knew my fears. She knew my history. And yet, she threw it all to the wind. I should have said no and there would have been no anxiety to face. But Kenneth, being the gentleman that he was, knew what I was going through. Unbeknownst to Morgan, we met privately so that I could be comfortable when the time came. He was so gentle with me. He coached me through the whole exercise to the point I wanted more. I wanted to experience an orgasm like Morgan was having. When that time came for him and I to come together, it took no time at all.

I looked at the clock again. It was now ten after ten. I looked at my watch and it said the same thing. I could feel the thong riding up my ass! I tried to stay calm, but some of the passers-by were starting to stare, as if they could see the lingerie through my fur coat. I still didn’t think that it was cool to be sitting here at a gas station, but I wanted him. I wasn’t sure if Morgan knew the current situation. We hadn’t talked since she kicked me out of the bedroom that night. I had never seen her so mad! But to find out that she had cheated on Ken with five different people, including me, made me think twice about the person I once coveted.

When Morgan told me her life story, she never divulged the affairs. She never disclosed that she refused to be an active member of her family. Instead, she told me how much she despised Kenneth, stating that he was a manipulative and controlling asshole who only saw her as the coach’s wife. Morgan talked about how he never attended to her needs and that Bishop Bailey was meddling in their marriage. As I got to know Kenneth, I agreed on the father part. Knowing the family history, I can see how Ken may have strong armed some situations, especially after Morgan got caught out there the first time. After hearing AJ go on and on about his father, I knew the good outweighed the character flaws.

I looked down at my phone as a message came through:

“I’m at the Kroger up the street. Park your car next to the pharmacy and I’ll come pick you up”

So I have to go to Kroger’s now?

I sat there for a moment and contemplated my life choices up to this moment. What was I getting myself into? It was bad enough that I had been waiting nearly thirty minutes for him at a gas station that I was not too fond of. Now I’m having to drive to a grocery store up the street? This man here! I debated for a moment about going, and then, I thought about our last time together. It had been several months since that last night. I wanted to feel his tongue press against my flesh, making the orgasms ripple throughout again. Just remembering his shaft inside of me made me turn on the ignition. Within minutes, I pulled up to see a dark Range Rover waiting for my arrival. I parked my car and attempted to jump in the truck. However, I was stopped by a tall, brown bag sitting in the passenger seat.

“You know you’re about five months early for my birthday”

He smiled as he moved the bag and I took my seat.

“I know it’s not your birthday, but I wanted to thank you for making AJ’s dinner a wonderful one. Who knew that you could sing?”

“Just one of my many talents. And I don’t need a thank you gift to spend time with my two favorite men”

“So, I can just take it back then?”

“I didn’t say all that! How about this being a gift for being late this evening?”

“Okay, that’s cool. But go ahead and look in the bag”

I took a look inside and couldn’t believe my eyes!

“Negro! A Coach purse? Isn’t this what you give to wives and girlfriends?”

“I know, but you’re such a bright spot in my life right now. You’ve been there to help me lead the team to a state title. You’ve been here to help me through this storm with Morgan. I don’t know what I would do without you, Callie”

I had heard these words before, but never from a man. His words were so sincere.

“You know I don’t carry around purses. Are you trying to change me?”

“Not trying to change you. I simply want to appreciate you for being who are”

“That’s a wonderful sentiment, Kenneth, but I thought we agreed tonight was just tonight, nothing more?”

“We did, but, I don’t want to be without you”

“But how can we be together? This is only our first date and we’re having to go through several changes just to drive to your house! What is Morgan gonna do when she finds out that her soon to be ex husband and her ex lover are dating?”

Written by the Wednesday Gentleman

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