Crafting A Rainbow · Oct 15, 2018

Down the Kibbe rabbit hole!

Have you ever heard of David Kibbe’s body type system? He published a book in 1987, but like “having your colours done”, it’s back in fashion! (Is this only in my world that those two are trendy again? Maybe!)

The assumption of the system is that we are all a mix ofYang (soft) and Yin (angular) features. In between those two extremes there are a spectrum of categories, and once you figure out your type, Kibbe lays out style advice.

Image from

Aly Art.

I found out about Kibbe from YouTube, and I think that’s a great way to learn about it… so if you are interested, check out the following figure out your own type!

  • Aly Art:
13 Body Types and Body Type Test
  • Justine Leconte

    The thing is, the test seemed to say I belonged in a Theatrical Romantic style that didn’t suit me at all – girly and soft and monochromatic. That doesn’t sound like me, does it? I had a big “AHA!” moment last weekend when I realised I might actually be a Gamine type instead, which is a mix of hard and soft features with a petite stature, who looks great in quirky clothing with prints, colour-blocking and contrast. Yes please!

    So what threw me off? Basically, because I’m a size 20 not a size 10, I’ve got rounder features! Also, Gamine are supposed to have big eyes, and I definitely don’t. Some famous Gamine are Audrey Tautou and Emma Watson, and I certainly don’t look like them!

    These videos helped convince me though:

    Gamine Body Types
  • Weight and Body Types
  • and
  • Wedding Dresses for the Body Types (The Gamine suggestions include several very similar to my dress!)

    So, what does a sewist do when she wants to try some new style advice? Start a Pinterest board, of course! I searched for Gamine inspiration, and pinned the stuff that appealed to me, like this:

    … and this…

    And if you give a sewist a Pinterest board, you know she is going to sew! I got inspired by the following image and whipped up a knock-off interpretation of one piece.

    More on that on Thursday though – I’ve rambled here long enough!

    If you are interested, you should check out the excellent series “Sew Your Kibbe” by Doctor T Designs – she is rounding up Kibbe sewing patterns type by type, and it promises to be a goldmine of information! She started with Dramatic first, which you can find here.

    Have you heard of Kibbe, either the first or second time around? If you’ve tried the test, what did you come out as? It’s obviously not gospel truth, any more than astrology or tips for dressing as a pear etc… but I do find it fun to explore, especially as I’m in need of some style inspiration!

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