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dailydreamdecor.com · Feb 13, 2017

10 Plants that will bring a pozitive vibe to your home

Besides being fresh and really beautiful, plants can also have a powerful role for your home. They can bring positivity and help you have a good balance in life and be happy. So if you want to make your home a dreamy and joyful place, here are ten plants that will make your home really positive:

1. Lavender

We all love the dreamy color of Lavender, but besides its prettiness, this plant has a smell that really relaxes you. That’s why lavender is the perfect plant for your living room or bathroom, because you really need a calm vibe in this room, especially when you want to just sit and take a hot bath.

2. Aloe

This chic plant we love to use in Scandinavian or minimal homes can make your home very positive! That’s why the art of Fen Shui loves it and you can store it anywhere in your home, as long as the space has natural light.

3. Jasmine

This is the national plants of tropical places such as Hawaii and Indonesia and it has a neutral color that we really adore and love to mix in our homes. Besides its dreamy look, this plant has a great smell that calms you and can also bring positivity into a relationship. Moreover, it is said to encourage romance so it’s best to add it in your bedroom.

4. Basil

You can store this delicious plant in your kitchen and besides using it for your food, it looks nice and it can make a room happy and it can help with depression. Also, it’s the plant of passion so you will cook with a lot of love if you keep in your kitchen. Moreover, you can say ”bye bye” to mosquitoes with this plant in your home. Great, right?

5. Money plant

Starting from it name, it’s clear this plant bring great news! This plant can really help you with anxiety and tension so it best to store in the corners of your home, so add it in your living room, bedroom or hallway. Also, it can boost the oxygen level in your home so it’s great for your health and energy.

6. Ivy

This beautiful plant that can be stored in your office or bedroom is perfect for the air in your home, because is a great air-filter. That’s why you can avoid pollution and bacteria so your home can be happy and clean. Also, it is said that kept outside your home it can keep away the bad luck.

7. Orchid

This dreamy plant symbolizes virility, so it’s the perfect plant to keep in your bedroom, maybe on top of your nightstand. It’s great for your confidence and passion and also it will add more beauty to your lovely home.

8. Lily

This plant that symbolizes peace will bring a lot of good vibe into your home. Also, this plant will boost your positivity and will make your home more serene. Moreover, it will remove mold from the air so your home will be even cleaner. Make sure you will keep it in a dark corner!

9. Rosemary

With an intense and powerful smell, this plant is great for your physical health and also it purifies and protects your home. Having antibacterial properties, rosemary is antiseptic and it will make your home even cleaner. Also, it can help you with insomnia, helps your memory and is really good for depression and anxiety. Don’t forget to keep it in a sunny space!

10. Rose

The rose is a great aphrodisiac so it’s also an ideal plant for your place, especially for your bedroom. Also, it increases your sensitivity and your love life, so make sure you will get this dreamy plant in your home.

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