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7 Dreamy ways to refresh your closet for spring

To get in the spring mood easier, start by refreshing your entire wardrobe. We know you have a lot of clothes and shoes and this task seems kind of hard, but after you do it, you will have a lighter wardrobe that will make your clothing decisions easier. Here are seven easy tricks for a dreamy spring closet:

1. Divide your clothes

Each season you have to reorganize all of your clothes. Trends change, but also does your taste in clothes and you have to divide them by need and likes: what you wear in this season, what you have to store for the next season and what clothes you don’t like anymore or are out of trend. Don’t toss or give away all the clothes that you don’t feel like wearing now, store the expensive and quality pieces because trends come and go every time.

2. Place the most beautiful items in front

Store in the back the season clothes you don’t wear so often and place in front the essential basic shirts and also your prettiest stuff. This way, every time you open your closet you will feel happy and more inspired.

3. Decorate your closet with statement accessories

All you coolest and designer accessories must stay in front. Line up all your pretty shoes and creative bags and make your closet looking like one from a magazine.

4. Mix clothes and accessories with deco objects

To make a wardrobe more chic, you have to mix your clothes and accessories with different deco item like fashion books, magazines, candles, vases of fresh spring flowers and also other chic deco items. Keep in mind the chromatic and you will have a dreamy set-up.

5. Pick cute hangers

You can change your hangers from time to time to make your wardrobe seem updated and new. Any change will make the whole closet feel more stylish and new and you will enjoy your clothes more.

6. Add small organizers in your drawers

This easy deco trick is perfect for jewelry: earrings, rings and bracelet. But also, it’s an excellent solution for your lingerie, socks, sunglasses, scarves and belts.

7. Add an additional rack or cabinet

If you don’t have enough space in your closet, buy a minimal rack that you can add next to it. Pick the same style and colors and note that jackets and coats are the perfect items to store on a rack. Also, if you have lots of small pieces like blouses, tees or lingerie pick a chic cabinet with drawers.

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