Dear Lizzy · Nov 13, 2013

Let The Glamping Begin

For those of you who don’t know, I will save you the time of googling the word glamping. Camping glam = glamping. Luxury camping? Yes, this is such a thing. I googled and someone on Urban Dictionary said: Glamping: no stinky sleeping bags on the hard ground and freeze dried food for me. heehee! That’s the only camping I’ve ever known.
Some of the most tangible memories with my dad are from camping trips. I remember him waking up when the sun rose to start a fire then cooking pancakes on the propane stove. I remember when it got dark and if we didn’t know where he was it meant he’s about to jump out from somewhere and scare us. And he would. I remember once my sisters and I looked over at him by the picnic table and a skunk was right by his feet. As soon as we yelled, “There’s a skunk!” …he jumped on top of the picnic table faster then I have seen him move. We died laughing! I remember him teaching me how to roll up my sleeping bag the best and we’d see who could roll theirs up the smallest. Don’t forget hiking, the cow-pie fight and playing the harmonica by the fire.

As I got older, I remember staring at our maroon Aerostar packed with food, tents and sleeping bags–thinking how much work mom and dad put into getting us ready for these camping trips. They had 5 kids, my dad was diabetic & legally blind, plus we didn’t have a lot of money… so this was no easy task for them. But I am so grateful they did it. For us. Maybe they knew my dad wouldn’t be around forever… maybe they knew how much this would mean to us someday.

Collin has heard me talk about all those memories and he didn’t ever go camping so he really wanted it for our family. We are very similar in the way that when we get an idea in our head we can’t get it out. One night years ago we stayed up late thinking about how we need a camper for our littles… fast forward and here we are.

I wanted to share a peek of the inside. I will share some better pics when I feel like she is ready for her reveal. : ) For now, scroll through to see a few shots.

We went out on Sunday night and as soon as the sun went down it got cold–fast. Not even the fire was keeping us warm. But I’d do it again for the s’mores, yukulele playing and singing by Collin and Co. & seeing the cuzzines play made it worth the frozen toes.

Can’t wait to share more of the inside as we finish it up and our adventures!
Myles not sure what to think about it all… heehee! xo, Lizzy

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