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The Dewey Decimals is a lifestyle blog for bookworms and people in need of more fashion inspiration. We created this blog to explore different ways to style our wardrobe and use our most recent reading material to inspire us out of our comfort zones. We fuse our love for books and clothes by creating one of a kind fashion book reports for you to enjoy. Each FBR is inspired by some aspect of our reading material: theme, writing style, imagery, motifs, characters, setting... whatever we choose! There are also additional highlights of looking at fashion through a literary lens. It's a fun and exciting new way to look at the beautiful high profile pieces that strut the international fashion scene. Tune in to us every Friday for the Friday Feast, where we feature one great gem of the interweb just for your (our our) pleasure.

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    reads and recipes

    1. Paper Towns by John Green
    2. Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou
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    Daisy Chain Book Reviews

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