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diaryofafitmommy.com · May 10, 2016

Tips to Safely Core Train During Pregnancy

I often get asked if you can train your abs during pregnancy. The short answer? Yes… and no.

I have stated once before and I will state again-I personally do not make it a point to train my abs during pregnancy. Why? Well, to be frankly honest, my abs are my favorite feature on my body and I do not want to risk getting Diastasis Reci aka my abs splitting into two.

If you do train core during pregnancy, will your abs split into two? No, it is not a for sure thing-just a risk. A risk that I am personally not willing to take. However, for the ladies out there who are willing to take it, you may proceed with this post and find it super helpful!

Why core training can be beneficial during pregnancy:

  • Helps promote good posture throughout pregnancy.
  • Helps to relieve common pains during pregnancy such as back and pelvic pain.
  • Promotes a stronger and shorter pushing phase during labor and delivery.
  • Helps you bouncce back faster.

If you are going to work your abs during pregnancy, here are my biggest tips:

  • Focus on the TA or Transverse Abdominus during pregnancy. Pelvic Tilts are great for this.
  • Avoid exercises laying on your back during pregnancy.
  • Avoid moves such as crunches, planks, and sit ups as these are the prime culprits to Diastasis Recti.

Now, here are some great exercises to strengthen the core during pregnancy:

Pelvic Tilts: I find it easiest to do correctly when standing up against the wall because the wall helps me gauge how far I need to tilt. You stand up straight against a wall-there will be a curve in your back naturally from pregnancy. You tilt your pelvic forward and try to touch the small of your back to the wall. You can hold for 1-3 seconds and release. Repeat this several times per day.

Bird Dogs:



Side Bends:

As always, please talk to your doctor before attempting ANY ab moves during pregnancy and always approach each move at your own risk. Perform each move slowly and controlled to prevent injury or mishaps.

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