The Discerning Eye

After 25 years of working behind the scenes with some of fashion’s most renowned innovators and influencers, creative connoisseur Wilfredo Rosado founded The Discerning Eye as a visual and cultural showcase. Rosado spent over 20 years at the helm of the Giorgio Armani brand as Fashion Director and as Mr. Armani’s virtual eyes and ears in the U.S. Prior to his time at Armani, Rosado was hand-picked by Andy Warhol to work as fashion editor at Interview Magazine, as well as assisting Warhol in his studio. When he wasn’t shooting with photographers such as Herb Ritts, Bruce Weber, and Steven Klein, he was steeping himself in the street-inspired art scene spearheaded by Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It was graduate school in glamour and grit. Today, Rosado sits at the intersection of high-end and hip, with an insider’s view into the worlds of fashion, art, and music.

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