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Blogger Help: How I Come Up With Posts To My Blog

This post is for blogger's who are currently struggling with writer's block and for those who are totally new and looking for some inspiration. I was there, I know what it feels to be completely lost.
There were days, even weeks when I haven't posted or my posts were just clearly fillers. I made weekend must-haves and Friday favourites, only because I couldn't come up with a single post. I felt useless, I almost gave up blogging again.(like back in 2012 after 6 months) Still, I'm struggling with posting frequently. I wanted to put some new stuff up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday yet every week I fail. This week I'm changing this, I will post every day and you'll have quality content. Now I have around 90 drafts which are clearly not Friday Favourite type of posts. So how I came up with so many posts? How I ended up having 90 drafts from none?

1. Twitter Chats

I joined some chats in the past few weeks and planning some more. Chats are always about interesting topics and the questions itself can inspire you. Not to mention the answers, you can easily combine the answers and questions together for a great post. There was a chat about social media I think. Questions were: How you grow your social media? How often do you post? Which platform do you like the best? Which one's great for your blog? I mean these questions, one by one can make a great post. You can write some of your tips and tricks about social medias, or you can show your favourite platforms and when you like to post on Instagram for example. You can talk about the importance of using hashtags and how to use them. Maybe you can even gather some of your favourites and share it with your followers/ readers. Even if you don't want to join the chat, just pay attention.

2. Bloglovin

Bloglovin is a place not only for promoting your blog posts but it can also help you to make new articles. I follow loads of amazing bloggers and some of them inspire me a lot. If you read an article you definitely have your own opinion about that particular topic or you had some similar things happened to you. You can write a post on that topic or something similar from your own perspective. It's also an amazing place for brainstorming because from fashion articles to lifestyle, there is everything.

3. Pinterest

Same with Bloglovin. Loads of photos, DIY ideas and if you search for blogging there are tons of great ideas.

4. Life

Easy right?! Tell your week in Instagram pictures, or write about a particular day if something amazing happened. Just be creative, that's the only trick. I find it really amazing to talk about personal things, I always think about it might help someone who's in the same position as me. That is why I started my Serious Talk Series, which is coming this week with its second episode.
But life is so colourful and unpredictable that it can give you so many new ideas. From newspapers, TVs and digital media.
These are my tips for coming up with new posts. I hope it might be helpful for some of you and let me know if it helped a bit. How do you come up with new posts?
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