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How to Make $4,000/Month with Sponsored Blogging

Hey blogger! Did you know you can monetize your blog with sponsored content? You can actually make money reviewing products and services, featuring websites, sending a link to your followers, sharing a new company with your blog subscribers and more! It’s called sponsored blogging.

It’s really cool because not only do you get to test awesome new products and services out and share with your audience but, you get paid to do so! And, you can earn hundreds or thousands for each sponsorship. I just booked a blogger a gig worth over $1,200 for posting on Instagram!

Read on to learn how I make thousands monthly with sponsored content on my blog.

What’s sponsored blogging all about?

Sponsored blogging is blogging under a sponsorship agreement. A sponsorship is an agreement between you, the blogger, and the company where you are paid (money or free product) in exchange for sharing the company with your audience.

How much your fee is can depend on many things including:

  • Your reach
  • Monthly traffic
  • Social stats
  • Engagement
  • Age of your blog
  • Subscriber base

Quite literally, you can earn $100 or $1,000 per sponsorship! Not all companies pay though. Some do product exchange in blog post or similar. In this case, you may receive a year subscription of a product, free glasses, free access to a tool for 3 months, etc.

I love to mix up these sponsorships and do both but you’ll want to evaluate your blog and determine what is the best for you.

Some sponsorship examples:

  • A paid review of a new toy
  • A paid feature of a new digital tool
  • A paid video demonstration of a product
  • Creating and featuring an Instagram post for a company’s product

Sponsored blog post example:

Sponsorships can also include: giveaways, tweets, instastories, Facebook group announcements, and more.

How to get started with sponsorships?

First, you need to have your blog in tip top shape. It should be well-designed, organized, and user-friendly, among other things. After all, you want to sell the company on working with you. It’s like trying to sell a house with a messy living room and dishes in the sink. You might still sell, but it will be harder and might take longer to do so.

Getting connected to brands can happen in two ways: sponsored networks and cold pitching. Let’s take a look at both.

Getting paid with Sponsored Networks

Sponsored networks are organizations that work with dozens of brands. They have a list of opportunities available and will typically email you with available opportunities, post them on their site for your review, or email you when opportunities match your profile.

This method of sponsored blogging takes the least amount of work but also has the least amount of return. The network will usually take a cut of the sponsorship fee and pay you over a longer time period like 30-60 days.

Additionally, there are hundreds (or thousands) of bloggers that belong to these sponsored networks and you are competing with all of them. If your blog is established with a lot of followers and great engagement, this may not be much to worry about but the majority of bloggers don’t fall under these parameters. This makes it much tougher to get selected.

Did you know it took over 6 months for me to get my first paid sponsorship through a network?

I applied to many and was accepted to around 4-5 within the first 1-2 months but it still took that longer for an offer!

The upside is, the network handles everything for you: negotiation of rate, terms, timeline, payment, etc.

The next sponsored blogging option is cold pitching.

Getting paid with Cold Pitching

Cold pitching means you contact the brand directly. This is time-consuming and can be difficult but the payoff is usually greater. There’s no commission you have to pay a network, all the money is your own but there is significantly more work. You might have to draw up a sponsorship agreement, negotiate for yourself, not to mention the upfront work of actually finding companies to work with.

How to Make Sponsored Blogging Work for your Blog

With all this said, there is a way to win with sponsored blogging. How would you feel if you could earn $4,000/month from sponsored content alone?

An easy strategy was stumbled upon that has worked time and time again for securing great paying sponsorships.

Want your hands on it?

Check out Sponsored Blogging for Newbies

Now, you can get the inside scoop on how to easily make money with sponsorships.

Along with learning more about the basics of sponsorships, you’ll learn:

  • How to optimize your blog the right way for sponsorships
  • Social media and blog hacks for success
  • Finding opportunities with sponsored networks and cold pitching
  • The quick and dirty way to make money
  • Getting paid to travel
  • And much, much more

Check out the full curriculum HERE.

You can get results like this or better:

Ready to dive in?

I hope so, because I have some awesome news. The course creator was kind enough to offer our readers 20% off! To take advantage of this amazing opportunity, click HERE and use the coupon code LISAS

Already making money with sponsorships? Comment below to share your best practices.

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