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eliseblaha.typepad.com · Jan 23, 2016

quilted hexagon potholders.

I'm currently on a mission to fix up all the little things in our house that drive me crazy. Some are so simple: Get Piper in more framed photos! (check!) Add legs to the media stand! (check!) And some are bigger projects: Fix the kitchen counters that are splitting at the seams! Add more countertop space to the bathroom! (we're hiring help for those ones!)

But this little project is probably my favorite so far. It accomplished two things: helped me work through my fabric stash AND finally get rid of the rubber potholders Paul and I have had since we moved in together.

I am writing this tutorial based on what my mom taught me yesterday and my Aunt Ellen taught her a few months ago. I am sure another version of this tutorial exists out there but here's how we do it.

To make ONE 9.5 inch potholder you will need:

  • eight cotton fabrics about 11 inches square (7 will be seen, 1 will not)
  • straight pins
  • a sewing machine
  • thread
  • an iron
  • scissors or a fabric cutting tool set (I use one like this one)
  • a hexagon template (make your own or download and print this one)

Create your hexagon template out of paper and cut out eight hexagons, one from each piece of fabric.

Use your iron to press your six top patterns in half. Leave the under side fabric and "hidden" fabric open. (like shown above.)

Beginning layering. Start with the fabric you don't want to show on the potholder.

On top of that, layer the fabric you want to be the bottom of the potholder with right patterned side up.

Now we'll layer the folds. Above is the first one.

...then the second



...and the fifth actually gets layered over the fourth but tucked under the first (as shown).

Finally the six gets layered under the first AND second.

You should be left with what looks like a six piece pie. We use all the fabrics folded like this instead of just cutting triangles because it adds some heft to the potholder (and it's so easy!).

Next, stick some straight pins as shown above to hold the pieces together.

Then use your sewing machine to stitch around all six sides.

Finally, remove the pins and pull the potholder right-side out by reaching through the center.

It takes a bit of effort to get each corner pushed into place but it turns out so cute! You can either stop here (this will stay just fine)...

...or you can add some extra detail stitching like I did to the right one above.

SO COOL, right? Let me know if you make your own.

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