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Power Couples: How to Expertly Pair Curtains & Rugs (+ 30 Combos to Try)

designed by courtney bishop

Apparently, I have a pretty intense fear of pattern combo-ing (outside of a classic grid, of course). This was profoundly brought to my attention when Arlyn assigned this post to me. After my momentary panic (clearly marked by my eyes opening as big as possible while I exhaled a “sure, no problem” in a medium pitched squeak) was over, I thought that what better way to get over this insane “fear” than to dive in head first into as much pattern combo-ing as my little plain white linen heart could take. I’m sure you feel super safe in my hands now. But I think my initial hesitation only works in your favor because I have rounded up options that both the patterned obsessed and patterned avoider can both love as I am more or less in the middle…as any true balanced Libra would/should be.

Let’s first go in hard with the pattern on pattern combos. Ready to see what I came up with???

photo source | designed by pierce and ward

WAIT. First, in true EHD fashion, let’s talk rules or, better yet, guidelines when it comes to pairing patterned rugs and curtains.

1. Scale, scale, scale. Mix them up! This is probably the most important guideline. If you have a large scale pattern on your curtain, you’ll want to choose a rug with a small scale pattern and vice versa. This way, your eyes won’t be in visual overload and it will give your space dimension.

2. Consider your color palette. This is kind of a no brainer and is a rule for all three of our categories today but just make sure your colors at least talk to each other. Choosing a bunch of random colors won’t look cohesive and will probably be visually overwhelming.

3. When in doubt, just go for it. Okay, so this isn’t a “rule” more than a good piece of advice. Pattern on pattern can be intimidating, but as long as you love what you’ve picked out and considered the previous two guidelines, then just do it.

4. Don’t be too matchy. If you have a floral curtain, avoid going floral in your rug. Same goes with geometrics. You can pull it off if the scales are different enough and you have more going on in the space, but you want to side step being too matchy-matchy here to feel natural and not forced/amateur.

Okay, now let’s get into the EHD-approved pattern on pattern recommendations:

1. Light Floral Curtain // Blue Plaid Rug | 2. Embroidered Border Curtain // Jute Braided Flatweave | 3. Striped Curtain // Blue Grid Rug | 4. Blue Patterned Curtain // Diamond Wool Rug | 5. Diamond Curtain // Lattice Rug | 6. French Toil Curtain // Black Plaid Rug | 7. Tassel Curtain // Leopard Print Rug | 8. Embroidered Curtain // Multicolored Rug | 9. Vines Curtain // Circle Rug | 10. Pink Florals Curtain // Blue Rug

My personal favorites are #1, #2, #5 and #8.

photo source | designed by billy cotton

That last category was like a peaty scotch that smacks you in the face (in a great way) but now let’s take it a little easier with some easier drinking. If that just went right over your head I am now taking you onto the pattern solid combos. Still fun but a little more palatable to the pattern adverse. But first, rules…

1. Pick your moment. We typically love a bold patterned rug and solid curtain but if you have patterned furniture then a patterned rug might not be the best choice. However, a fun complimentary curtain might be. It’s always about balance.

2. Keep it interesting. You don’t need to always go for the safe white curtain. I’m also talking to myself here. Pick a color, even in a textured fabric like velvet. A great way to choose a color is to look to your rug for one of the more subtle colors. It will be more of a visual surprise and also bring it out in your rug.

Combo time…

1. Forest Green Linen Curtain Panel // Wool Cotton Boucle Rug | 2. Linen Curtain Panels (set of 2) // Color Block Tufted Rug | 3. Aina Curtains (set of 2) // Scale Natural Jute Rug | 4. Tasseled Moira Curtain // Bella Rug | 5. Velvet Curtain Panel // Stockholm Flatwoven Rug | 6. Honeycomb Light Filtering Curtain // Pamela Wiley Zigzag Rug | 7. Belgian Linen Curtain // Alrik Rug | 8. Fringed Linen Curtain // Mosaik Teal Rug | 9. Concentric Squares Curtains (set of 2) // Raymie Rug | 10. Tie Tab Window Panel // Patchwork Design Rug

Yikes, I don’t know if I can choose a favorite. But if I HAD to then maybe #1, #3, #6, #10. But as you can see, each one has a dominant piece (mainly the rugs) and most of the colorful curtains were chosen by the least assuming color of its rug buddy.

photo by tessa neustadt for EHD | from: the design milk family room reveal get the look

This last roundup was unexpectedly challenging because how does one make a solid rug and solid curtains interesting without the furniture and decor getting involved??? Well, I figured it out and here are my secrets…

1. Vary up the texture. It’s the quickest and easiest way to keep it solid and visually interesting. This works particularly well if you’re going with neutral on neutral. For instance, a velvet curtain paired with a chunky woven rug, or a textural linen drapery combined with a raised tonal tufted pattern on a rug.

2. It doesn’t have to be all neutrals. If you don’t want a lot of different textures then have fun with color. Whether it’s high contrast (two very different colors) or tonal (two very similar colors). It’s an easy way for the space to look very cool and pulled together.

3. Follow all the rules at one. Doing both of the above rules together (texture and color) is also totally great.

1. Cordless Roman Blackout Shade // Natural Fiber Rug | 2. Light Filtering Linen Curtain // Gray Boucle Jute Rug | 3. Lace Trim Curtain // Fawna Handwoven Rug | 4. Worn Velvet Curtain // Flokati Wool Rug | 5. Paper Rollup Shade // Chunky Woven Jute Rug | 6. Herringbone Curtain Panel // Navy Shag Rug | 7. Textured Blackout Curtain // Fleka Rug | 8. Velvet Curtain Panel // Marled Patina Rug | 9. Stitched Linen Curtain // Border Twill Rug | 10. Sanela Velvet Room Darkening Curtains (set of 2) // Cable Knit Sweater Area Rug

For the solids, I have to go for #4, #5 and #8. That shag rug in #4 is so good!

Wait, before we go, we had to round it all out with some drapery hardware and rings…it’s a one-stop shop here at EHD!

1. Matte Black Drapery Rod | 2. Classic Curtain Hardware Set With Cap Finial | 3. Drapery Ring Matte Black, Set of 7 | 4. 1 3/8″ Drapery Rod With Wood Finial | 5. Amp Black Curtain Rod Set | 6. West Slope Drapery Rod | 7. Sculptural Wood Rod | 8. Clip Drapery Rings for 1″ Rods | 9. Rorke Black Curtain Rod Set | 10. French Curtain Rod | 11. Seamless Black With Brass Band Curtain Rod Set | 12. Cast Iron Clip Rings | 13. Racka Curtain Rod Combination | 14. Cast Iron Curtain Rod | 15. Decorative Sphere Finial – Marble & Brass | 16. | 17. Black Curtain Rings, Set of 7 | 18. 1″ Drapery Rod With Acorn Finial | 19. Matte Black Ring Clip, Set of 7 | 20. Matte Black Rod Set | 21. Mid-Century Wooden Rod

That’s it. I know already?! I hope you liked the combos, learned some good tips and if you were pattern fearing before that you are now less fearful. Rugs and curtains are such a fun opportunity to bring some personality to your space in a big way. So go forth and have fun…it is Friday after all.

So did you have a favorite combo? Are you convinced and are going to try a pattern in your house? Do you have any curtains and/or rugs you love and want to share with the world? Then please comment below.

Love you, mean it.

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