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Essie Wild Nude Collection : Swatches & Comparisons

I know this collection has been out forever already and you've probably seen pics of the shades a million times but once more couldn't hurt right? Because it's honestly the best collection of the year! Also, it's all about the comparisons ;)
There were 9 total shades released in this Wild Nudes Collection in the U.S. but in Canada we didn't get the shade "Truth or Bare". In the Spring I bought three of the shades myself (which I reviewed HERE) but since Essie Canada just sent me the entire 8 polish collection, I jumped at the chance to put up swatches and comparisons. Because it sounds like all or most of these shades will be added to the permanent collection...eeeek! Let me show you how good they are.

Skinny Dip

This is a sheer, pretty, milky pink. The formula is nice and easy to apply with only a tiny bit of streaking. I used 3 coats but this is the kind of polish you could use as many or as little as you want.

Skinny Dip vs. Mademoiselle vs. Vanity Fairest vs. Fairy Tailor.

Fairy Tailor is the most different from Skinny Dip since it built up more opacity. Mademoiselle is very similar to Skinny Dip although it is a little more milky pink. Vanity Fairest looks similar too but it is full of tiny shimmer.

Bare With Me

My eyes zeroed in on this polish as soon as I opened the package. I didn't realize there was such a pretty muted pink/nude in this collection! It too has a good formula and is opaque in 2 coats. Honestly, every single polish in this collection has a great formula and I'm going to sound like a broken record by the end.

Bare With Me vs. Eternal Optimist vs. Not Just A Pretty Face vs. BBF Boy Bestfriend

There was nothing quite the same in my collection to Bare With Me. BBF Boy Bestfriend came the closest in terms of colour but not in terms of formula/opacity. Not Just A Pretty Face and Eternal Optimist were much more pink toned than Bare With Me.

Clothing Optional

This warm, toasty brown is perfect for Fall. The formula is nice and opaque, it almost covers in one coat. But it also does this weird thing where it kind of thins and pulls away from the tip of the nail leaving it sheer. Totally weird! Could just be my bottle. 2 coats covered perfectly in the end anyways.

Clothing Optional vs. Sorrento Yourself vs. Mink Muffs vs. Island Hopping

I didn't find anything quite like Clothing Optional. I've had questions asking if it's close to Sorrento Yourself because that one became so hard to find in this years Resort Collection, but Sorrento Yourself is lighter with more blush tones. It's close-ish if you haven't been able to fulfill your Sorrento Yourself fix but not a dupe if you were able to get your hands on it. There were actually surprisingly mauve tones in Clothing Optional and yet any mauves I compared it to were totally different. Island Hopping was too bright and pink/purple. I also tried Don't Sweater It (not pictured) but it was too smokey purple. Mink Muffs was much darker and more brown.


Oh this blue-grey is so calm and serene! It had a super nice, 2 coat formula and self-levelled well.

Mooning vs. As If! vs. Cocktail Bling vs. Petal Pushers

Mooning leans much too far to the green side to be close to As If! and there's too much blue in it to be close to Cocktail Bling and Petal Pushers. They are cool-toned as well, so Mooning stood out from the rest in this grouping.

Mooning vs. Truth or Flare vs. Udon Know Me vs. Parka Perfect

Even though I got the most requests to compare Mooning to the last group of polishes, this group is where Mooning fits closest. Truth or Flare is a touch brighter blue and has a thinner crelly formula instead of opaque creme like Mooning. Parka Perfect was probably the closest but it's lighter with fine shimmer in it and Udon Know Me was even lighter still.


I liked this moss green polish when I saw it this Spring but I'm pretty head over heels for it this Fall! The colour is gorgeous and the formula is perfect. 2 easy coats.

Exposed vs. Sew Psyched vs. Power Clutch vs. Gym Dandy

I hardly had any polishes that were this shade of green in my collection. Of course Sew Psyched was going to be the closest but I was surprised to see how light and green it was in comparison. Exposed has more 'greige' tones to it. Power Clutch was much darker and Gym Dandy is a random one that probably very little Essie collectors have, but it looked kinda similar so I grabbed it. It had way more brown tones.

The rest of these will be my swatches and comparisons from June, but I thought it would be handy to have the whole collection in one post. I also considered re-swatching every thing so that the lighting and my nail length/shape would all be the same but it saved me sooooooo much time to just re-use my other photos.

Wild Nude

I love this one! It reminds me of a cross between Lady Like and Sand Tropez. There seems to be a little bit of grey in it but also some mauvey warmth to it. The formula was fantastic. I used Ridge Filling Base as my base coat and Wild Nude was opaque in one coat. I used two coats anyways. It also self-leveled really well.

Wild Nude vs. Sand Tropez vs. Lady Like vs. Topless & Barefoot

Wild Nude isn't even close to Topless and Barefoot or Sand Tropez. It's similar in saturation to Lady Like but it's much more beige grey with just a touch of mauve. Lady Like looks more pink toned in comparison because it has more mauve in it.

Wild Nude vs. Sweet Tart vs. Comfy in Cashmere

Good news for all you girls that loved my European bottle of Sweet Tart! The base colour of it is basically identical to Wild Nude. I mean, yes, it's also full of tiny iridescent shimmer that does give it an overall different feel from a creme, but it's a good substitute if you can't get your hands on Sweet Tart. Comfy in Cashmere looked similar in the bottle but dried way darker, so it's not even close to Wild Nude.

Without A Stitch

This is soooooo pretty! It's a light but warm toned grey. Not quite greige though. This had the exact same gorgeous formula as Wild Nude. I didn't use Ridge Filling Base this time and my nails still came out perfect in 2 coats.

Without A Stitch vs. Sand Tropez vs. Go With the Flowy

Nothing came close. Sand Tropez is too beige and Go With the Flowy is too pale.

Without A Stitch vs. Take It Outside vs. Master Plan vs. Chinchilly

The polishes in this comparison were much closer, however there were no dupes. Take It Outside is the closest in saturation but pulls more warm and beige whereas you can definitely see the grey tone of Without A Stitch. Both Master Plan and Chinchilly were much darker and more greige.

Winning Streak

Winning Streak is everything I wanted it to be! Stunningly gorgeous. And the formula is on point. Absolutely perfect in 2 coats.

Winning Streak vs. Smokin Hot vs. Coat Couture vs. Twill Seeker

Winning Streak has a dusty, almost blue tone to it in comparison to Smokin Hot and Twill Seeker. It's also darker and more saturated than Coat Couture.

Honestly, this collection is perfect. The colours, the formulas, everything. I wouldn't hesitate to pick up any one of these polishes! Hopefully the comparisons help you figure out if you need to add anymore to your collection or not. Which polishes have you been loving from this collection? I don't even know how to pick a favourite when they are all this good!

*These polishes were sent to me by Essie Canada but I'm always 100% honest with you in my opinions.

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