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faring-well.com · Jun 22, 2016

Stone Fruit Ice Tea w/ Lemon & Mint

I wake up at 5:15am, its already warm. I drink my coffee hot, and prepare my bowl of oatmeal, despite the soon to be climbing temperatures of the day. I set out on my morning run, sweating within minutes. The warm sun energizes my skin, and I’m greeted with a cool breeze once I reach the back bay. I jog up to our front door, an hour and a half later. Face is red, mouth is dry, skin is glistening. I jump into a cold shower, throw on a light pair of shorts and a tee, and head into the kitchen. Its time for some coconut water and a smoothie. Or maybe a yogurt with some fresh plums. These first few hours of the day are my favorite, there is so much potential, so much that “could” happen during this day. Typically I have a routine, one I can bank on making me feel fulfilled. One that makes me feel active, and well rested. Creative, and productive. Loving, and intentional. Since moving into our new home last week, I have yet to find that groove.

The first few hours of the morning go as mentioned, but then I stumble. I make an unwise eating choice and leave my tummy feeling upset. I decide to create a recipe to find the lighting would have been better had I waited a few hours. I brainstorm work that I cannot do because it is just too hot to conjure. I think about how I wish I had ice tea waiting for me in the fridge, only to continually forget to prepare some. Until one afternoon, when a few things aligned and I prepared a few jugs of this cool, summer tea to brew overnight in the fridge. I enjoyed it the following day at noon, when the heat spell was in full effect and I was on the verge of making a poor eating decision. I filled a glass with ice, wedged in as many slices of fresh stone fruit that would fit, and poured over this cooling lemon mint black ice tea. For a moment I was cool, there was some relief.

I owe my desire to make this ice tea to the beautiful Bri over at Natural Girl Modern World. She posted a video on Snapchat of some market goods last week, one in particular being a unique bottle of blueberry ice tea. The second I heard the words “ice tea” muttered, and an insatiable craving came over me. I started thinking up ice tea combinations while staring down my basket of stone fruit and bundle of mint on the counter. I find lemon and mint to be so cooling and refreshing, whether steeped on their own or with a few bags of black tea. The stone fruit here can be added a bit ahead of time to infuse the tea more, but I add mine when I assemble my glass. They soak up a bit of the tea throughout the sipping, and make for a tasty snack once the glass is empty. I prefer my tea unsweetened, allowing the fruit to shine, but feel free to do this tea up in whatever fashion keeps you cool and calm this summer. I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the process of life. I really am too, despite the emotions winning me over at this moment, they are just emotions.

Life is swell, and I am so grateful. – xo

Makes 32 ounces of tea.

4 cups filtered water
2 bags of organic black tea
4 slices of lemon, 1/2 inch
8 to 10 mint leaves
freshly sliced stone fruit, I use peaches and nectarines

Combine the water, black tea bags, lemon, and mint in a large glass container. Seal it well and place it in the fridge to brew for 24 to 36 hours. Pour through a mesh strainer, into another jar, to remove the steeping ingredients. Fill a glass with ice, wedge in as many slices of fresh stone fruit as you can, and fill with the cold tea. Drink right away, or let sit for up to 10 minutes to allow the stone fruit to infuse a bit more. Once you’ve finished drinking your glass, be sure to have a fork handy to nibble on the delicious tea-soaked fruit.

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