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Daily 5 Launching Lessons and Mrs. D's Brand New CAFE Corner!

I have received a number of emails from colleagues and teaching friends asking for more descriptions & clarification on what Daily 5 looks like in my classroom. Specifically, what does the first 25 days look like in first grade? Well this blog post is in response to those wonderful questions and I hope you find this information helpful with your planning this year!
This year, I have taken the first full 8 days to front-load a Growth Mindset climate in my classroom! We began with this....
and then added the POWER OF YET!!!

I am trying to stay organized and keep a running diary of read alouds that we have done so far...

Now that we had a very positive "Growth Mindset" approach to our learning, we began our Daily 5 routines in first grade!
I am so thrilled that our district has adopted the Daily 5 and CAFE frameworks! Personally, I have been using it for a number of years now and I absolutely ADORE it!
The pre-planning prep at home looks like this in August!!!
The importance of anchoring our learning on the I-Charts is so very important!
Then the front board becomes a wall of DAILY 5 reminders for weeks to come!!!
3 Ways to Read (source) Voice Volume (source)

The first few days of Read to Self looked like this-
I use our district's old basal series books as the first books in the Read to Self book boxes.
Why? Because they are hardcover and have very easy stories for the students to feel successful with during those critical first few weeks of the launch.

Then, on the 9th day of the launch, we introduce I PICK and GOOD FIT BOOKS modeling!
Here is the story we read and a video you can review at home!
A little RAP to remember!!!
By day 10, our firsties were choosing new books to add to their Read to Self book boxes!
That's right! We have a level 40 DRA and look what he chose!!
Our Celebrity of the Week has the honor of getting our reading tent for Read to Self time every day!

This just makes my heart melt.....
So comfy and relaxed!!

With each new day, we are reviewing our goals for having a positive Growth Mindset!
During morning meetings, I use the Whole Brain Teaching Strategy of "Teach. Okay!" to review and practice previous days Daily 5 routines and expectations!
Work on Writing is next!

I put together a binder called "My Work on Writing Binder" for students to use each day during this Daily 5 routine.
Inside it has a ton of great TOPICS that students can choose from. We never have the problem of "I don't know what to write about" with these awesome picture dictionaries!

When we check in after each round is over, we graph our stamina and Rate our Writing!
source Next up, Read to Someone!

What I absolutely LOVE about Read to Someone is that it can be used across the day for not just reading, but word study, math, and all-things cross-curricular!

Sitting E.E.K.K. during a read aloud!

Our daily partnership rounds are priceless! Less talking from the teacher and more hands-on interaction with students!
Read to Someone is a great way to foster new relationships and build trust and stamina with student goals and expectations.
So next week, we launch Listen to Reading and Word Work.
If you would like to download a copy of my Daily 5 Launching Lessons, I am happy to share with you! Click here or on the image below.
Once we are fully-operational, we will be using a new "check-out" system that I just revamped for this school year. Nothing fancy- just personalized to our classroom needs-

In about 2 weeks, we will launch our STEAM tubs!! That will be a big week so look for a blog post on that very soon!
I know many of my teaching friends out there were curious as to how I set up my NEW CAFE Corner!

I am using the above-mentioned resource materials to help guide my instruction for strategy-learning in the classroom, along with my beanie critters too!
Here is a peek at the Comprehension Critters:
Accuracy/Decoding Critters:
Fluency Critters:
Expanding Vocabulary Critters-
We begin with Meerkcat the Connector!
This year, I have decided to use my "real-life images" collection of critters to showcase in what I like to call our new and improved "CAFE CORNER!"
Over the past 7 years of doing Daily 5 and CAFE, I have created and utilized a variety of CAFE menus. When I had the absolute honor of moving into a larger classroom this year, I took full advantage of making my CAFE menu into an entire area of the room to make it interactive and fun for the kids!

Along the top cabinets are the CAFE Accuracy Strategies and Critters.

The top poster set is by Lyndsey Kuster.
The Real-Life Images are my set.

Along the bottom 13 cabinets, are the most utilized CAFE comprehension strategies and critters that we use in first grade.

As the year progresses, we will add our fluency and expanding vocabulary critters to the white wall adjoining these. Over the summer I found my CAFE letters that I had spray painted a few years ago and never used them due to "lack of space" in my old classroom.

Well now they have a fabulous home and really bring our CAFE CORNER together nicely!
The critters are very functional. The kiddos can take one off to practice with during Read to Self time or during teacher conferring.

I used these 3M products to hang them up with and pinned a safety pin to the back of each critter so they hook on and off with ease!

I am thrilled at how well our CAFE CORNER turned out!
It's great to see the kids run over and check something out or grab a critter to practice their strategy reading!!!
How do you CAFE?

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