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flawlessandfearless.co.uk · Oct 1, 2014

Thea Skincare | Coffee Scrub and Super Nourish Body Butter*

The lovely people at Thea Skincare were kind enough to send me a few of their body care products to try, their Coffee and Shea Butter Body Scrub*, and a Super Nourishing Hand and Body Lotion* that I've been trailing for a few weeks and have now finished and want to review for you. I have one with a scent I love, but wasn't wowed by the formula and the other with a lovely formula but really didn't get on with the smell.

Thea Skincare Coffee and Shea Butter Body Scub (Currently only available in this set) I really loved the smell of this scrub, made with Coffee and Shea butter, it is a really bitter smell, that won't be to everyone's taste, but especially on days when I was feeling a little tired and groggy, like this morning, it was something which helped cut through that and help me feel more awake. It's so bitter with coffee it's a scent my dad loved too. Actually pleasantly surprised he didn't attempt to eat it, he often does... So I was off to a great start smell was a love and I really loved the effect on the skin. It wasn't too abrasive, like using sand paper, and due to the shea butter content left the skin feeling really nourished and hydrated after use, but it wasn't something I LOVED.
The formula was quite dry, without a gel or cream base to it, it was almost the texture of a really dry dough. Which I think makes scrubs a little harder to work with. It isn't to my personal taste and far prefer a wetter scrub as they are inherently easier to use. I just found while nourishing and, although not difficult to use Id have liked it far more if it had something to the formula to help it glide. The scrub was also demoted to "shower only" by the family, it doesn't half leave a mess behind. I had expected that with the coffee base it would dissolve in use leaving no particles behind but it does seem to be the case. Which left me with the same dilemma most LUSH stuff leaves me with; struggling to want to use it because I don't want to have to scrub the tub out afterwards. So while neither of those things make it a bad scrub, it is a lovely scrub it just isn't right for me.

Thea Skincare Super Nourish Hand and Body Lotion (Available online for £24.99)
This product really disappointed me and I'm saddened by that, I wanted to love it, the formula seemed really light, almost a whipped consistency in the tub, a little bit like a slightly stiffer version of the Rituals Whipped Body Lotions, I was very excited I love a light but nourishing formula. But what I found was, while the lotion was very hydrating to the skin and did give it a lot of moisture it wasn't as light or easy to work with as it appeared. I found getting this to absorb very difficult, it spent most of the time sitting on or being spread around the skin with the similar success of trying to get to it absorb into a brick. This could well be down to my skin rather than the product. My skin isn't too dry, and it's designed for very dry and eczema troubled skin. But if it is the product id hate to imagine having to use that much energy and force to get it into skin made sore by eczema.
The one thing I really can't take is the smell of this product. I can't quite place what it is, or what ingredient it is that I don't like the scent of in the product, but its just not something I'm fond of. I won't use his any higher than my naval because the smell just doesn't sit well with me, and I find it hard to tolerate. I'm sure some will love it some will love the smell, and find the formula better for them, but again it's just not to my personal preference.
But that said, Thea Skincare are still a brand I'd love to try more products, the way I see it it's good to find products you aren't as fond of for a few reasons, first so I don't have an entire house full of all the body products Id fallen in love with, and to highlight just how much you love other things. I would still recommend checking out the brand, which offers a range of natural skin and body care products and spa treatments.
*products were sent for consideration and review by Thea Skincare. Photographs were kindly provided by Thea as I lost all of my photographs a few days before creating this post.
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