Simple Crochet Star Garland Tutorial

I adore this simple Crochet Star Garland. I started playing with star shapes the other day and knew I had to make this garland to share. I wanted a mix of both large and small stars for variety. I also didn’t want the stars too “yarn-y.” The natural hemp yarn looks perfect with my favorite holiday decorations. I used a light weight 3 strand hemp yarn to create that natural look.

I love how each star ends up with its own unique shape. Because each star is a little mini-project, it’s easy to whip the stars out anywhere – in pick-up line, in front of your favorite tv show, or while you wait for the Dr. I like to bring a little pouch of crochet with me in my tote so I always have a project at hand. With the stars, you don’t need to figure out where you were, you just build a little collection of stars as you travel along. Then, just attach them all together at the very end!

If you don’t want a whole string of stars, it’s easy to transform the crochet star garland into star ornaments by just making a chain from one of the star points and slip stitching it back into where you started when you reach desired length for the loop. I made some of the star ornaments as hostess gifts. You can quickly throw one over a bottle of wine, or attach it to a simple card.

I love them on this branch that I found as well. Or, throw the crochet star garland directly on to your tree!

The stars are built from increasing stitch sizes (single crochet, double half crochet, double crochet, triple crochet or slip stitch, single crochet, double half crochet) along a chain. For this reason, this project is a great way to practice a variety of stitches, too. I was inspired to create this garland pattern after finding my friend Cintia’s Twinkling Star Pattern. She just started her blog Sol De Noche Deco Crochet and has great crochet patterns to share!

Christmas is right around the corner. So, what’s stopping you, get make a pot of that amazing cayenne hot chocolate, throw on some Bing Crosby and get hooking away for a lovely string of stars!

Crochet Star Garland

3 strand crochet hemp yarn
Size 1, 2.35mm crochet hook

Small Crochet Star

:: Chain 4 stitches.
:: Join with slip stitch to form ring.
:: 10 single crochet through ring. Join round with a slip stitch.
:: **Chain 4 stitches.

:: Slip stitch into second chain from hook.
:: Single crochet into next chain.
:: Half double crochet into next chain.
:: Skip one stitch and slip stitch.

These directions form the center and one point of the star. To form the remaining points, repeat the steps beginning with the ** above four more times. Cut end and bring end through loop as below.

Large Crochet Star

:: Chain 5 stitches.
:: Join with slip stitch to form ring.
:: Chain 3 stitches.
:: Make 14 double crochets through ring.

:: Slip stitch through first stitch to finish round.
:: **Chain 5 stitches.
:: Single crochet into second chain from hook.
:: Half double crochet into next chain.

:: Double crochet into next chain.
:: Triple crochet into next chain.
:: Skip two stitches and slip stitch through next stitch.
:: These steps above form the center and one point of the star. To form remaining points, repeat the steps beginning from ** above four more times.


:: Cut end and bring through last loop.
:: Repeat both small star and large star patterns for as many stars as desired.
:: Weave in ends with a darning needle.
:: Connect stars in desired pattern by chaining 25 and making a slip stitch through the top of one of the star points. Repeat for as many stars as desired!

This post was created for by Anne Weil of Flax & Twine as a Contributor. It was published there on December 18, 2015. Have fun exploring my profile and work there.

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