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What's in my Changing Bag? | Babymel Ella Tote

I originally purchaced my Babymel Ella Changing Bag from mothercare but after having a quick search on their website it appears that they no longer sell it. I did turn to my trusty favourite though, amazon who have it in stock here. I opted for the red stripe as the blue was constantly out of stock but after using it for a few months I actually think I prefer the red. I love my changing bag and will be doing a review on it in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out for that, but for now I'm going to show you what I carry around with me on a daily basis.

Spare Clothes - Now this may seem a little extreme but I like to carry 3 sets of spare clothes with me. I know, I know it's a little excessive and I probably don't need this many now that Myles is a little bigger but if you've experienced multiple poo explosions in one day you'll be grateful for the choice.
Hat - I like to keep a hat with me as you never know when it might turn a little chilly in the UK. He does normally wear a jacket with a hood but for me it's better to be safe than sorry. We also carry around with us a thicker hat and a pair of warm mitts but we keep them tucked away in the car seat which is why they're not pictured here.

Wipes - I like the Johnson's Extra Sensitive Wipes. Not only are they extremely good value for money but they seem to suit Myles really well. I have pretty sensitive skin and have to avoid anything that contains aloe vera so I've chosen to stick with what I know best for him too and so far so good. The only down side I've found to these is that when working one handed I tend to pull far too many out of the packet at once, as they all stick together. I've not found a way around this yet, but if anyone has then please feel free to drop me a comment, I'd love to know.
Sudocrem - This is a staple in our house. We use it for everything so it was an obvious choice when it came to nappy rash, and let me tell you, it works! We had a bad case of nappy rash pretty early on when Myles reacted to a particular brand of nappies and we tried everything in an attempt to clear it up. In the end the only thing that worked was Sudocrem. Now it's all we use... unless I cannot find it then we use the item mentioned next.
Johnson's Nappy Rash Cream - We only really use this in an emergency when we cannot locate the trusty Sudocrem. I'm not 100% convinced that this works. In fact I'm stighly concerned that this item may sting a little but he does tend to be a little grumpy a this stage in the nappy change so I'm not sure. For now I'm going to put it to one side and perhaps do a follow up review in a few weeks once I've made up my mind.
Nappies - I've probably tried every brand of nappies there is and I definitely have my favourites. I'll probably go through them with you in a later post but what we are currently using are the Boots Super Dry and I love them. Granted they cannot contain a poo explosion but I don't think anything could. I even think if we tapped the nappy shut Myles' poo explosions would still break through. I really like the fit of Boots Nappies and I do find them particularly easy to use. I think I would have stuck with them from day one if the sizing between size 1 and size 2 hadn't been so different, but now he's grown a little I'm back to my all time favourites.
Hand Sanitizer - I don't really use this as whenever I change Myles' soap and water is alway near by, but once again this is one of my "rather be safe than sorry products." I love the Soap and Glory Hand Sanitizer as it smells devine.
Hand Cream - Changing numerous nappies every day can be a little drying on the hands so I always like to carry something to boost a little moisture. My particular favourite is the Soap and Glory Hand Food. It smells amazing, has a non greasy texture and works wonders.
Dribble Bib - Myles is a breastfed baby so we have no use for normal bibs but since he's started teething dribble bibs are a must. I really like these bandana style bibs. If I'm honest I never actually thought I would but he does look pretty cool wearing them.
Swaddle Blanket - I always like to carry one of these around with me. Myles can only really sleep in a swaddle (except in the car seat) so it's handy when we're visiting friends and he's desparate for a nap. These are also really light weight so are really good for a summer blanket, covering myself up when I'm feeling a little self concious when breastfeeding, and mopping up a bit of dribble. I love a multi purpose item. These swaddle blanket are by Carters which is an american brand and I adore them. Unfortunately I cannot get hold of them in the UK but I was lucky enough to find these in TK Maxx. I'm keeping good care of them but I'll be gutted if / when they die.
Towel - I used to use the changing mat that came with my bag when changing Myles but it turned out to be as much use as a chocolate fire guard. One wee was all it took to become fully saturated so instead I turned to using a towel. I like to used Terry Nappies if I'm honest as they are light weight but very absorbant. Perfect for nappy changes in public places.

Myles' Red Book - In the UK every child has a red book which tracks all their medical records from weight and hight to immunisations. It's best to carry it around with you at all times and ours just fits perfectly at the bottom of the changing bag.
My Buggy Buddy - These are great for carrying shopping on the pushchair. We use the Graco Symbio B Pushchair which I love but the only down side is the tiny storage space underneath for shopping and this is where the Buggy Buddy comes in handy. You just attach it to the handle and away you go. I ended up buying the lockable version which I don't find particularly necessary, but I do find that it's much easier to use that the original. I do tend to keep this in my bag when not in use as it just gets in the way otherwise.
Teething items - I did a few mini reviews on my teething must haves here, so if you'd like to see what I've found useful then go and have a look. These are the few that I tend to carry around with me. A teething toy, baby bonjela and a teething dummy.
Nipple Cream - I breastfeed and though we're very well established sometimes nipple pain can occur. Lansinoh Nipple Cream is a god send. I adore this prodcut and could never be without it. I also carry breast pads around with me but I didn't think that they were a particularly pretty item to photograph.
Hair Grips - I always need hairgrips. The Andrew Barton ones are my favourite but they are very hard to track down. They're really strong and keep their shape a lot longer than other brands I've tried. I normally carry a bobble around with me too but I think the day that I decided to do a "what's in my changing bag post" I'd used it.
Purse - A must. I bought this purse from Topshop years ago now and I still love it to this day. I can carry everything around in it, including my phone (which is where it is in this picture.) I don't think I'll ever be able to bring myself to buy a new purse as I'm far too attached.
That's it. Everything I carry around with me now that I have a 3 month old. All these items fit easily in this changing bag, though I'm not sure that things would be so easy if I bottle fed. Plus you may have noticed the lack of toys. We tend to attach these to Myles car seat but if necessary they would fit in too.

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