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Hair Dye Ideas For Dark Hair

Get inspired by the most daring dark hair color shades of the moment. Black - From Reflective Jet Black to Reflective Black Bronze, explore the dark side of permanent hair color. Simply look at your existing shade and go a level or two darker.

Remember, going darker doesn’t mean you need to color your hair black to enjoy the benefits of a new hue.
Adding lowlights, dramatic color blocking or deepening your base are all effective ways of enhancing your current look. Beautiful, pastel-toned highlights are not a million miles out of reach.But becoming a bottle brunette is not without its challenges.

10 Things to Know Before You Dye Your Hair Dark

Coloring really dark hair, however, is not always as easy as it is for our fair-haired sisters. There are enough bleaching horror stories out there to put anyone off trying. But fear not, here are ten things you need to know before you go over to the dark side.
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  • 1. You’ll need to think about your brows.
  • 2. You’ll discover that “dark” is never just “dark.”
  • 3. The dye can be rough on your skin.
  • 4. You’ll learn the pains of upkeep.
  • 5. Going light again isn’t impossible, but it’s unlikely.
  • 6. You’ll find that box dye might be out.
  • 7. You’ll need to change your makeup routine.
  • 8. You’ll need a minute to adjust.
  • 9. Prepare to buy new basics.
  • 10. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do.

Permanent dyes for dark hair:

My first tip would be don’t use a permanent black hair dye. Don’t use a permanent black hair dye.
Should you, at any time in the future, decide you fancy changing to another color, you will have to strip all the life out of your hair to get it light enough to then dye the new chosen color.

“Once you go black, you don’t go back”

Permanent black hair dye is the WORST to remove or change. Although it can be changed, your color options would be extremely limited, and the condition of your hair will be compromised. I know there are some people, even hairdressers who will tell you it’s possible to go from black to blonde, (and i’m not saying it’s impossible), but the hair will feel fried, and need lots cut off to get rid of the damage.

Permanent dyes for dark hair
This is something you should consider… are you ready for the “till it grows-out” commitment that comes with dyeing your hair black? If so, great, go with permanent. But if you think you might like to play around with you hair color in future stick with a semi or demi permanent black dye. At least it is a little less work to pull out when you change your mind.
Don’t forget to check the application range on the back of the box or on the product website details to make sure the shade’s suitable for your natural hair color.

Bleaches for dark hair:

LIVE’s Intense Lightener range offers lightening of up to 8 or 9 levels (Absolute Platinum 00A and Max Blonde 00B respectively). After lightening, you may want to use a hair toner like LIVE Color Refresher for Cool Blondes to neutralise residual yellow tones.Dip dying hair is a trend that has grown legs! Colorfully dyed hair ends using Schwarzkopf professional hair color products are a playful trend with no end.

Celebrities with dip dying ombre

Bright dyes for dark hair:

LIVE’s semi-permanent Ultra Brights or Pastel range and LIVE’s temporary Pastel Sprays can be used on darker hair that has been pre-lightened (bleached). For the best pastel results, hair needs to be extra light blonde – this is especially the case for green and blue toned colours. For Ultra Brights reds, purples and pinks, you can achieve vibrant results on light to medium blonde hair. We recommend performing a strand test before coloring.

Temporary hair dye for dark hair without bleaching:

Almost anyone who has become an expert at dyeing their own hair will tell you a semi-permanent hair color is the way to go. Semi-permanent allows for natural color changes without extensive damage or commitment beyond 28 washes. Because they don’t contain bleach or lifting agents, you can’t use semi-permanent dyes to dramatically lighten your hair—your best bet is to stay within the range of your natural hair color by two or three shades. Whether it’s your first time DIYing your hair color or you’re a seasoned at-home dyeing pro, one of these formulas is bound to be the best semi-permanent hair color for you.

Dark hair with black cherry highlights
With non-permanent black hair dye there are two options. With peroxide (Demi permanent) or peroxide free (Semi permanent). I know you might think peroxide free sounds like the best option, but in reality the decision is based on what your current hair color is. If you use peroxide free on the wrong hair color it can look awful! So which one is right for you
If your hair is already dyed or bleached please contact your colorist for further advice before using a different permanent shade.

Cool 65 Phenomenal dark hair with highlights - Flattering streaks for your dark hair

Dark hair color chart:

From Reflective Jet Black to Reflective Black Bronze, explore the dark side of permanent hair color.

Shades of black hair color chart
These Hair Color Charts Will Help You Find the Perfect Shade Every Time.

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