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10 Stunning Floors That Will Knock Your Socks Off!

10 Stunning Floors That Will Knock Your Socks Off!

I have never been so excited in my life.. About Stunning Floors?! No silly… I bought a house… but the house needs a lot of work done. That includes new floors.

Pinterest has not failed me in my search for inspiration.

I was bowled over by some of the floors I’ve included in this post… the stencil work in particular blew my mind. Keep reading and you’ll see some incredible works of art. That are actually floors!


1. Pastel green and blue harlequin floor

This fabulous floor is from the blog In My House and the photo was taken way back in 2010. Where have I been?!

Painted floor boards are becoming very popular and you know I love a good pastel trend. Put simply, it can give birth to floors that are like works of art that are suitable for ever day use. Who doesn’t want that?!

I would like a distressed version for my own floor but I know many people who would like this modern gloss version.

You can get gloss paint in lots of colours now so you’re good to go Flow!

Word to the wise: be careful when using gloss paint. They’re usually quite high in VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and those fumes will send you into space.

2. Turquoise Stencilled floor

I did a little gasp out loud. Fo reals. Look at the colour! It’s stunning. I would love to see the room it’s in.

The floor is by @theadventureashley and the stencil used is the Parlor Lace all over wall stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils.

If I were to stencil my living room floor I would use my Cricut machine and stencil material because I’m always on a budget.

The stencil material is self adhesive and is excellent for preventing bits of paint collecting in the edges and underneath.

3. Stencilled Concrete Floor

This stencilled concrete floor is an incredible idea for basement. Or a stinky old concrete yards. (I say stinky in reference to my own stinky concrete yard. )

I would have to get someone else to do the stencilling because I would fuh-reak out if I didn’t line the pattern up correctly.

You can buy the Japanese Mokko Stencil at The Stencil Library

4. Decoupage Vintage Wallpaper Floorboards

Photography by Diego Tirigall

This floor makes me want to cry. It’s so lovely and I want it.

If you have floor boards that you’re happy to expose then I would suggest getting as many Cuprinol colour Tester pots as possible and a mix of wallpaler/napkins and varnish.

If I lived in a warmer country, I would have exposed floorboards everywhere. Ireland is a bit too draughty!

What do you think about doing this on a deck?

And using the very best deck varnish ever.

It’s the only option I have in this house. I’m not complaining though

Do you have exposed wooden floors in your house?

5. Pretty Pink Painted floorboards with decoupage flowers.

I love decoupage and after seeing this amazing floor that was done by Wynnie Crews. It’s ah-maaaazing!

So grab the paint, some fabric with huge flowers (vintage bed sheets are good for this), and wallpaper. Let’s go!

The best tools for the job would be:

  • Scissors that are used only for fabric or scissors that are used only for wallpaper. It ensures a clean cut.
  • Deco Page glue (I love DecoArt glue)
  • I would consider using a varnish. Because floors are high traffic areas, I would strongly recommend using something that will protect that beautiful floor art!

6. How To Decoupage Floorboards with Napkins!

Sausha from Sweet Pickins Furniture did a marvellous job creating a tutorial that touches you how to get the shabby, distressed effect on wooden boards.

There’s a beautiful piece of wall art in this post, of shabby boards in a frame with a paintbrush as focus, so you must go and look.

It’s beautiful!

7. Chalk Painted Stenciled Floor

It’s possible to paint concrete floors using Annie Sloan chalk paint, I wasn’t expecting that.

BellaTucker did a wonderful job in this bedroom! The floor was painted with Chalk Paint and topped up with a clear varnish for protection.

This looks like a rather complicated stencil used brilliantly. I think this floor look very impressive. The rest of the room is beautiful in it’s simplicity and allows the floor to be the focus.

8. DIY Stenciled Pallet Floor

This is one of my favourite floors ever. I have wooden floors in my house and it would be fairly straight forward to stencil and add some colour.

Time consuming but straight forward and totally worth it! It looks amazing.

When it comes to my house, I wish I could it to the floor directly before the back door or inside the bathroom.

Keeping the rest of the room decor simple would really make this floor stand out. Not that it needs much help with that!

9. Old Wallpapered Stairs

I know this is not a floor but shh! Stairs count! This looks like a mix of paint, wallpaper and distressed perfectly with the passing of time.

I really want to lift the carpet on my stairs and use wallpaper to decorate the front panels. Have you seen all of the amazing wallpapered stairs that have been cropping up on sites like Pinterest?! I love them!

But I fear it would sound like elephants are running downstairs instead of my cat.

Do you have carpet or uncarpeted stairs? Any advice is very welcome!

I’ve purchased the most amazing wallpaper samples from Etsy and eBay sellers. It depends on your favourite style.

If you need some vintage wallpaper inspiration, you might like the back of my craft room door:

10. Did you know you could go crazy and paint a deck?

I’ve written about the artist Alisa Burke many times before. It’s impossible not to adore this woman and as soon as I saw this deck, I was pricing up deck paint faster than you can say the phrase “Claire get off google”.

I will paint my deck but I’m not brave enough to draw something that large. Or talented! Not on that scale.

Alisa is a rare breed and I’m always inspired by her. She also offers classes! Woo!

Related:10 of the best online craft classes I’ve ever taken.

On Alisa’s blog you will see a gorgeous house, full of artisanal knick knacks, hand drawn everything AND she had previously painted a runner on her hall floor:

Doesn’t it look fabulous?!

Mini Resource Love

Pinterest is the best. I found an amazing tutorial that teaches you exactly how you should prep a floor before doing any stencil work and how to use the stencils effectively! From Domino.

When researching this post, I discovered so many incredible floors and I’ve devised a plan for a new floor in my craft room.

I hope to get a floor from Floors Direct for my new craft room, samples have been ordered. Of course, after I saw Alisa’s painted runner, I have considered painting a rug on the floor or adding some decorative edging/decoupage.

The distressed decoupage floors look unbelievable but I do a lot of work in my craft room and I constantly get glue, paint and other randomness on the floor.

Any floor I get needs to be easily cleaned and budget friendly. If I lived in a warm country I would definitely have exposed floor boards. It’s too draughty not to have another layer of flooring on top. *sigh* Laminate is the way forward for me!

I’m excited with my choice (quick step white laminate) and I will definitely keep you updated! I hope you agree that everything featured in this post were indeed stunning floors.

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