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The Craft Closet (of my dreams) Reveal!

Happy hump day, friends, and thank you so much for your sweet words on our {Date Night Style} post yesterday! My son was beaming from all the comments, too!

If your knees get weak at the mere mention of labels, today's post is for you. If your breath hitches at the sight of paints arranged in beautiful rainbow order, this post is for you. If your heart skips a beat when there's a place for everything, and everything's in it's place, this post is most definitely for you. And if you get heart palpitations just stepping foot in The Container Store...well then, this post might just send you over the edge!

Because not only did I overhaul my Office closet from top to bottom with one of my favorite stores, but I got to do it with one of my favorite people, the Master Organizer herself. With nothing but coffee and tacos to fuel us on, Jen and I holed up for two days sorting, labeling, stacking, and high-fiving, until we had the craft closet of our dreams. Seriously, angels sing every time I walk in.

So for you organizing junkies, grab a paper sack, and read at your own risk!

Right!?!?! Do you hear the angels singing?? It's safe to say these doors will never be closed!

I've been blogging for almost six years, and a mom for 14, so I've amassed a pretty large assortment of craft and office supplies...all of which are now tucked neatly in this single closet. #sigh So let's take a tour of every glorious nook and cranny...I'll let the pictures do most of the talking (there's a lot of them!), and link sources under each. (Catch up with the Before shots here, and the Elfa planning & install here.) Let me know if I miss anything in the comments, and I'll update the post.

Large Charcoal Striped Rugby Bin | Media Boxes | Mesh Drawers Utility Board | Utility Bins
I'm a sucker for the striped rugby bins, and not only do they add a fun pop of pattern to the all-white closet, but hold a ton of stuff! (Get yours now because they're being phased out! #weep) Believe it or not, all three of these bins are full of materials I've picked up over the years for blog craft ideas...and never got around to! I think I'm set for craft posts for awhile!

Large Charcoal Striped Rugby Bin

DIY Monogrammed Jar | Ventilated Shelf | Shelf Liner
The Ikea spice jars are perfect for storing small items, and fit perfectly on the utility board shelves. Who doesn't want to have their collection of googly eyes on full display?!

Utility Board Tray | Spice Jars
Obviously not everything needs labeling, but we just couldn't deny the snap-on label holders for both the drawers and utility bins. Plus, they encourage 'other people' to put things back in their proper spot!

Utility Bins | Utility Label Holders

We stored the most-used items on the utility board so they were within quick reach, and the rest of was sorted and placed in the pull-out drawers, and clear boxes.

Utility Board | Utility Bins | Utility Board Tray | Utility Hooks

I buy these plastic shoe boxes by the case (less than $1.70 each!), and use them all over the house for organizing, and of course they are perfect for the craft closet, too.

Plastic Shoe Boxes | Stitched Pocket Labels
Sidenote: Word on the street is Staples is bringing back Martha's line...including the bookplates! I'll stop hoarding my leftover supply of them when I see it for myself though!

Metal Bookplate Labels
I left an open space in the right corner to store tall items like fabric bolts, camera lights and tripod, but the beauty of Elfa is I can add shelves at any point if my needs change. Acrylic magazine files safely store my keepsake issues. ;) #shamelessbrag

Flamingo Acrylic Tray | Utility Board | Acrylic Magazine Files
The top drawers are dedicated to office and homework supplies, with acrylic dividers keeping it all sorted and separated.

Flamingo Acrylic Tray | Clear Drawer Organizers | Label Maker | Spotted Laptop Bag

Clear Drawer Organizers
Some of ya'll are nosy curious and I know you'll want to know what's in the other drawers...adhesive papers, photography gear, yarn, and fabric.

Mesh Drawers

Drawer Label Holder
The left side is office supplies, fabric swatches, gift wrapping, cutting supplies, and more fabric.

Mesh Drawers
The vertical space on both doors is fully utilized with Elfa systems for paints, painting supplies, and gift wrapping.

Door Gift Wrap Station

Spotted Pails

Door Gift Wrap Station | Magnetic Spice Canisters | Magnetic Strip

Clear Boxes
Installing the utility board in place of another shelf also created an open work space, and the plastic liners keep things from falling through the slats. I may add an electrical outlet to the closet someday for a lamp and spot to plug in my glue gun. #craftgeekgoals

Ventilated Shelf | Shelf Liner
For larger projects, or those I want to photograph, I can load up this tray with supplies and carry it to another area to work. Such a simple idea, but it makes a big difference...especially when stairs are involved!

Pink Sweater (similar) | Jeans | Watch | Ring

Plastic Shoe Boxes | Stitched Pocket Labels
The difference between organizing this craft closet by myself, and designing it with Jen? No detail is overlooked or too small! She thinks through each and every placement to make sure it's the smartest and most efficient...then makes it so pretty you're almost certain to maintain it! She is a wealth of great ideas and tips, and she left me inspired to tackle more areas of the house.

Utility Bins | Utility Label Holders

Me too, Babygirl! Me too.
Now let's revisit just how far this closet has come thanks to some smart Elfa design, and the magic of Jen Jones! (Unfortunately, the wallpaper border isn't coming down without a fight, but I couldn't bear to have it ruin these pics, so we edited it out in these After pics.)

Elfa Craft Closet Systems

Elfa Craft Closet Systems

Elfa Craft Closet Systems

I can't believe a space this organized and pretty belongs to me! It's the Office/Craft closet I've been scheming in my head for years, but even better. And to create it with a friend whom I adore so much, and means the world to our whole family, was the icing on the cake. Jen and I had just as much fun working together as we did beaching with our families, and cruising the Caribbean! In fact, we've got a few more fun ideas planned for later this year.

For all the nitty-gritty on how we actually organized the space, and all the decisions behind it, head over to iHeart Organizing for Jen's breakdown of the closet. I'm too giddy to share anything other than the pretty...she's got the helpful stuff!

Prepare to be inspired...then hurry over to The Container Store, because the big Elfa Sale is only once a year, and it ends Monday!!! I can't praise them enough for their amazing, patient, FREE planning services, excellent customer service, and high-quality products.

Installing their systems feels like a splurge in the beginning, but one that will last you for years and years. Trust me, I've gone the cheaper route before, and was replacing it within a year. Happy organizing, lovebugs!

{Follow the Project from the Beginning} Inspiration Before Closet Elfa Plan Options Installing Elfa

And check out my Craft Projects here!

Photos by Jen Jones.

*This project was created in collaboration with The Container Store, but the concept, ideas, and general organizational-geeking, are my own. Thank you for supporting Hi Sugarplum sponsors!*
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