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IKEA Eye Candy: Storage Solutions

Did you receive the new 2015 IKEA catalog in the mail recently? I did and this year instead of flagging a billion and one pages, I decided to go and check out the store in person. And I might have tested out a few of their well known kitchens while I was there.

I have a love / hate relationship with IKEA. Love that it is affordable and hackable and that they offer an endless variety of super smart storage for all around the home. Hate that it takes 30 minutes to assemble a box and that their carts are nearly impossible to push.

It has been quite awhile since I have last scoped things out so I was definitely due for a visit. And this time I went kid-less, which really gave me the opportunity to check out the entire store and open every last drawer and cabinet. There was a lot of great storage solutions to be seen; some old and some new, so I thought I would share what caught my eye.

As I mentioned, I did take some time to check out the oh-so-popular IKEA kitchens. Since the boom of blogs, I have read a lot of really wonderful reviews about their kitchens {aside from the tedious assembly process}. Bryan and I want to look into every last kitchen option prior to committing to anything, so I considered this important research. There was a lot to love about their kitchens, especially the soft closing doors and drawers and variety of finishes {which all seem very maintenance free}. I really heart the idea of lining the lower portion of the kitchen with drawers vs. cabinets. Drawers allow items to be stored much more effectively due to the opportunity to use the entire depth without the items getting lost in the far back. And imagine utilizing giant deep drawers for your dishes, especially with kiddos in the mix. Much easier!

Same goes for pots and pans, right below the stove for the win!

One thing I appreciated is that they have many options to customize every last drawer. That includes drawer dividers that adjust both length and width to accommodate kitchen gadgets and accessories of all types.

For the cabinets, they have organizers to make the most of them as well. Everything from roll out trash cans to pull out drawers to baking supply storage racks.

No need to have an IKEA kitchen to enjoy the benefits of organization. I found a lot of options that would work in any kitchen. Shelf risers work great for plates, jars or glasses {but would also rock in an office for stationary and paper storage}. And those bars equipped with loads of hanging storage get me every time.

With the ability to mix and match hooks and baskets, your spices and herbs can either be stored in jars or home grown near your kitchen window.

I am a fan of a few glass faced cabinets paired with concealed storage. And although I am not sure I would ever need that much wine storage, I like the option to add a bit of it in the kitchen.

Oh, hello pretty dining area!

Sorry, I have IKEA a.d.d., but aren't those white dishes so charming?

My obsession with acrylic organizers is still going strong, and IKEA has really delivered this year. They have quite a few options to make your bathroom drawers gleam. And if the clear storage isn't your bag, they have something for the flexible storage lovers as well.

These little buckets are sweet storage that I have been coveting for awhile. I imagine them working wonders near an entry to hold keys and a wallet or pet supplies. Or in a closet for daily clothing accessories. Of course, on hooks in a bathroom works great at preventing toiletries from taking over the counters.

What always inspires me the most when I take a trip to IKEA is their brilliant use of small spaces. I would never think to add kitchen cabinets in my living room, but imagine the amount of storage you gain by using that wall space above a sofa?!

Hooks in a narrow corner and you have storage for folding chairs, handbags, baskets or anything else you can imagine!

And for a girl with a limited entryway, I can really appreciate how they made the most of a nook behind the door with mix and match pieces of their ALGOT system. Only a few inches deep, yet it now stores shoes and boots, a basket for hats and mittens, a tray for a wallet and phone and a mirror. Oh! And hooks too!

Speaking of entryway, this cabinet would be perfect for shoes below, accessories within the drawer and handbags above. Another great use for the cabinet would be in the office to hold a printer, paper, electronics and craft supplies.

In the family room, hide those DVD cases within concealed media drawers and keep the pretty stuff out on display.

The Expedit may now be the Kallax, but the functionality and playfulness remains the same. And there are now even more colors to select from.

Also offering the ability to mix and match open and concealed storage, the number of Kallax insert options seems to grow each time I visit.

When it comes to wardrobe storage, I would say IKEA really nails it with the amount of versatility and options they offer. In fact, this is where they win biggest for me.

Simple, classic and beautiful on the outside....

Endless storage solutions on the inside.

And not only would their wardrobes work great in a bedroom, but they would also rock it in the kitchen as pantry and small appliance storage or in a living room for games, media and office supplies.

Free standing kitchen storage / islands would also make for an amazing work surface in a craft room or studio, and can be stained or painted in an endless variety of colors.

The last few times I stopped at IKEA, their spice racks were sold out completely. And for good reason, they are about the most versatile piece of small storage IKEA offers.

This time I was fortunate to pick up a few to use on a little project I am working on, but I have also used them for book storage in the boy's bedroom. However, their functionality doesn't stop there. Although they are designed for spices, imagine them in a bathroom for toiletries, in a garage holding tools, in a storage room holding small jars of paint or in a craft room holding endless pretty supplies.

IKEA has always been my first stop for storage boxes. They are inexpensive and work in almost any room of the home. And the customization options are endless. A little gold rub n' buff? Some painted stripes? Covered in a pretty floral fabric? Anything would take these simple boxes to unique and special.

When I dip, you dip, we IKEA dips {90's flashback anyone?}. The dipped basket trend has hit the IKEA shelves.

Who doesn't love to have options to select from when working on an organizing project? IKEA's new peg and ledge system allows you to mix and match hooks and accessories to come up with the perfect combination.

I may have stopped in my tracks at their under-the-stairs display. Adjustable shelving paired with clear bins and you have yourself a system that will leaving you smiling each time you grab for holiday decor or camping supplies.

Of course, this only scratches the surface of what you can find there. Endless varieties of storage furniture, baskets, organizers and hooks live at IKEA. And no, after all of these years of using their products in our home and me gushing about their storage, I still am not being paid by them. I just thought I would share my shopping adventure with my friends, because shopping with friends is way more fun even if it is just window shopping.

Peg Rail / Hanging Baskets / Acrylic Organizers / Storage Cabinet / Rolling Cart / Drawer Organizers / Wardrobe / Basket / Spice Rack / Wall Hook / Wire Basket / Storage Box

Although I mostly browsed this trip, I did come home with a few new picture frames, pillow inserts and an orchid. And those spice racks. But now I will be dragging Bryan back for a second look at some of those kitchen options.

What IKEA storage have you purchased lately that has changed the way you live? Anyone have an IKEA kitchen and care to share a quickie review?

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