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Leap Frog Straw Rocket with Printable

Your children are going to have a great time decorating, coloring and leaping frogs. They will also have a wonderful time constructing a leap frog straw rocket! I bet your kids will have their frogs leaping off straws over and over again. They may even experiment with who can get their frog to travel the farthest.

Leap Frog Straw Rocket

Getting the Frog Ready for the Straw Rocket

The first thing you will need to do is print out the Leap Frog Straw Rocket page. There are a number of frogs on the page. Your children could each been given one frog to decorate. Another alternative you could do is that they can decorate a whole sheet of frogs and pick the one they like best.

The frogs will need to be cut out with a bubble around them. It will make the frog picture less fragile and easier to work with.

Assembling the Frog Rocket

Once your children have the frog they want to used on the rocket colored, it is time to put the rocket together. There are several ways to construct the straw rocket. (We based our straw rockets on ones made by Buggy and Buddy.) Let me walk you through what we did.

  • First, we cut a piece off a drinking straw that was about 2 1/2 inches long.
  • Then we taped one of the straw shut.
  • Next, we glued the frog to the straw section. You can totally have your kids tape the frog to the straw if you like.
  • Finally, we placed the straw section on the end of a full-size straw. The full-sized straw will be the launcher.

Leaping Frogs

Your children will simply blow into the end of the straw that doesn’t have the frog on it. They can blow the frog up into the air or out and away from them.

If you want them to measure how far the frogs can leap when it is blown from the straw rocket, you may want to lay a yardstick or measuring tape down on the ground. Then they can lay on their bellies and blow the frog off the rocket.

Tying the Activity into a Book

You may want to read a leaping frog-themed book to your children before or after creating the leap frog straw rocket. Here are some wonderful frog themed books.

Links below are affiliate links.

Leap, Frog, Leap! – This is a rhyming board book with fun illustrations.
Flying Frogs and Walking Fish: Leaping Lemurs, Tumbling Toads, Jet-Propelled Jellyfish, and More Surprising Ways That Animals Move

– Kids will love exploring how a variety of animals move.
Jump, Frog, Jump!
– Your kids are going to love the rhythm and repeated words in this book.
Frog and Fly
– This fun comic strip style book has six fun stories in it.


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