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It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, 99% of the reason being that as a mother of 2 now, it is incredibly hard to find time to do anything that doesn’t completely revolve around my kids. Too all the moms out there who have more than 2 kids, I bow down to you. I simply do not know how you do it. My kids aren’t even fighting yet, and I’m already harebrained.
Thankfully, I still manage to keep my with my skincare routine through my half closed eyes, only because I am still so traumatized by my teenage years. I’m going to keep this short and simple since I’m writing while one of them is taking a nap, and I’m trying to glue the other one to the tv (not very successful, he’s glued onto my arm as I type).

The Body Deli – Melon Foaming Cleanser:

I have about 90 mins at night after the kids go to sleep to do ‘my’ own stuff, which includes a nice, long shower. The other times, I’m prying my eyes open emailing clients back, looking things up and online shopping when my products are dangerously low. In some of my previous posts, I have mentioned that I’m weary of foaming cleansers simply because they strip my skin too much. Well, I fell asleep 3 times as I was ordering this cleanser, and somehow missed the big fat “FOAMING” bit in the name, so imagine my surprise when I opened the package. Ha. I actually ended up really liking it! I only used half a dime drop at night, and it took off my day beautifully. Yes, it is foaming, but I used so little that it didn’t seem to dry me up. I also loaded up on my mists and oils afterward.
If you’re not a fan of how ‘green’ some skincare smells, this will delight your senses. You’re practically eating a ripe melon as you’re washing your face. It is SO delicious smelling.
Was it brightening? Honestly, I couldn’t tell. Would I buy it again? I would absolutely consider it, particularly for the oilier summer months, but right now I’m trying to decide which cleanser of theirs I want to try next.

Herbivore – Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water

I went through this ridiculously fast. Thankfully it’s not a lot of $$. It smelled so good that I sprayed a cloud all over my head everytime. I then, would breathe it in and have a coughing fit. Smart, I know. And I never learned my lesson. Moving along…
Some rose scents are stuffy and gross, but this one was light, airy, authentically spring. I don’t have great expectations from my toners. For me, it’s the first step in adding moisture on my skin and locking it with an oil, and this one did it’s job. Obviously you can’t tell here, but the liquid is pink which makes your vanity extra pretty. It’s also one of the very few, if not only, ‘natural’ toners/mists on Sephora. The short ingredient list also means there is less chances of irritation for sensitive skin.

Marie Veronique – Treatment Mist

For those of you with some acne/problem areas, I really really really like Marie Veronique’s Treatment products. There’s a cleanser, mist, serum and oil. It just works. If I have a flare up, I concentrate the area a little more with the mist, and I swear it flares up less. Or, spray some on a cotton pad and hold it over the area. Your skin will say, ‘aaaaaah’.

What are your favourites lately?

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