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katherineisawesome.com · Apr 20, 2014

Highs and Low(e)s.


  1. Ben has been without any cigarettes whatsoever for two months and 10 days as of today, which I feel is probably quite a great achievement for someone who used to smoke three packs a week.
  2. The potato skins at Burger Burger. We waited for 45 minutes to get a table at 6:00pm which was kind of a drain but what can you do when the place is so damn popular?
  3. The new MAC cosmetics bar at Smith and Caughey’s in Newmarket. Firstly, it’s further away from the window so people can’t stare at you getting your blemishes covered by an expert, and secondly, they’ve got this 30 minute make-up application which is half the time of the standard make-up application so it’s really great for people who are in a rush and thirdly, they’ve got an eyelash bar in there and the other day I got some fake eyelashes from it and THEY LOOKED REALLY GREAT.
  4. Margaret Howell ‘Nightwear’.
  5. I have always wanted to be able to wear Nike Blazers, I’m tossing up on whether I can pull these off or not. I love them, but can I wear them IRL? Helllllp.


  1. I’m on this savings scheme because I am going to New York in four and a half months and you know, one needs money if going on a trip to New York City. So, basically I’m not really going out to eat very much, not really buying coffee on the way to work, parking further away from the office to save in parking fees, etc. This is all great for my savings but oh my god is it boring for my actual life. This whole Easter weekend I have been out for one coffee, the rest of the time I have basically sat inside.
  2. Why is it that lying around inside makes you so tired? I feel like shit and all I’ve done today (and yesterday, and the day before) is eat, sleep and watch eps. I mean, this is the first thing I’ve done that involves actual brain power (as minimal as it might be). Dare I say it – I kind of want to go back to work…
  3. Still haven’t fixed my blog comment form, yet some people have been able to comment. How is this? I think maybe they’re doing it from their phones where my new blog theme for some reason isn’t working. OH THE INTERNET, WHY MUST YOU BE SO HARD TO OPERATE?
  4. This post is boring.

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