Kristin Cooke · Jan 11, 2019

Insane Inflatable 5k 2018

I signed up for this one months in advance of the June race since my kids wanted to do it with me. I had almost forgotten about it when the time came. That morning, I loaded the kids up in the car and followed the directions to the speedway. I got there and drove around and couldn’t find the race. I knew we were a later race and there had to be people running already. Luckily, Nicki, Robert, Kim, and a few more friends were also running this one. So, they send text messages with the actual location which was down the road. We got there and parked fairly close due to people already leaving. The lines for pickup were really long.

When we finally got to the front of the line, we signed a for and got our bibs.

Since we still had about 15 minutes until our wave, most of us stopped at the port-o-potties next.

After the potty break, my daughter and I had to get a twins picture. She picked out our outfits.

Shortly after that, we moved to the line waiting for our wave.

We didn’t make it into the first group and were in the corral area behind. So I got a start line selfie with both my kids.

Before long, the first group started.

Then they moved us into position. There was one person in front of my daughter.

Then we were off (my son is in the bright yellow/green short in the next row).

After climbing up and then sliding down the first inflatable, we ran on the gravel path.

We had to duck into the next obstacle.

This one had large beach balls.

Nicki and Kim were walking the course. We saw them getting to the balls as we were heading to the next obstacle.

The next obstacle reminded my of a big pool float.

My son decided to roll over the wall.

This was a look back towards the start. In between obstacles at this point, you basically ran a up and back type U on the gravel.

The next inflatable was broken and not a part of the course.

We went uphill in this section.

Then we found the first water stop. It was hot and the water was very welcome.

Piper took the water stop opportunity to jump in front of her brother for the next obstacle.

This one reminded my of the things at those kids jump places.

Not to be beaten, Logan took the lead halfway through.

I caught up to her right at the end.

There was quite a distance to the next obstacle. I think Logan was starting to hurt in this area.

Piper was excited as we approached what appeared to be more balls.

These were anchored and you had to push between them.

I caught Logan finishing as we we heading to the next one.

This is where the long trek began.

I give this man all he credit. He carried is kid on his shoulders for a good distance.

We had a sweeping turn in this area.

Then we could finally see more obstacles.

There was a water stop just before the next one.

The next obstacle started by crawling through a tunnel.

Then climbing a ladder with a slide on the other side.

There was another big U of gravel before the next obstacle. We saw Logan on the opposite side looking bad. We gestured and got him to cut across the U and join us. He said he felt terrible and wasn’t sure if he wanted to finish. We all walked together to the nest obstacle.

This obstacle used a rope to climb to the top.

It was more challenging than you might think.

Logan got hurt while climbing with the rope. It might have been from me following him and pulling it tight. As a result, he stayed at the top a little longer before sliding down.

After feeling so bad and begin hurt, he got a sudden spurt of energy when he saw the next obstacle. Piper tried to catch up.

They were way ahead of me. This obstacle started with swinging balls.

There was a rope to use to climb.

The middle was down and back up.

The swinging balls were also at the very end.

I was sick of Logan always running ahead and upsetting Piper, so I made them go together. I believe it was their choice to hold hands.

When Logan realized this was the finish, he couldn’t help himself. Piper was fine with him taking off ahead.

He ended up waiting for us and we climbed the dirty hill together.

They waited for me at the top and we slid down together through the finish line.

At the end, we got medals and water. The shirts were at the table next to this.

We did get a family port-race selfie.

There was a bounce house for the kids and a picture spot in the finish area.

They also had a few sponsors the had giveaways. I did get a sample of dog food for our pug.

After we got a port-race photo with all our friends, we walked back to our car to head home. We decided to treat ourselves to Dairy Queen on the way.

My son pointed out that the Queen was next to the King where we stopped.

Overall, the race was okay. My kids enjoyed it. It is definitely a fun race and not a serious one. The check in lines were crazy. Also, the bibs were stickers. Once my moisture-wicking shirt was coated in sweat, the bib was having trouble staying on. Would I do it again… maybe. I feel there were a lot of issues including not giving good directions. The heat was also an issue. In the future, I would probably sign up for an earlier wave. If you want a race just for fun, this would be a decent one.

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