Kristin Cooke · Aug 14, 2018

Star Wars Dark Side 2018 – Sunday

I got back to the room after the half to find the Magical Express documents on the door.

I got out my clothes and then a knock came at the door. I answered it and it was housekeeping. The unusual part was it was a male. I asked him to come back as I needed to clean up. I quickly jumped in the shower and then dressed. I decided to put my legs up in the bed and let them drain for a little bit. During that time, I ate the chips, cheese, and oreos out of the snack box. While I was finishing up my snack, I got a text from Heather asking me to bring her deodorant. After I found it, I put it in a small shopping bag. I spent another 20 minutes in the room before heading to the EPCOT bus.

Once I got to EPCOT, I went through the bag check line. In the small shopping bag was the deodorant and all but one of my medals. The security person joked that I’d brought her a gift. It was sprinkling as I entered EPCOT.

I was able to get a good picture of the topiaries at the entrance with no one in it.

I met Nicki and Heather at the entrance to the DVC lounge. By the time I got there, it was full out raining. I grabbed a drink and the snack cart came by so I got Twizzlers. The only seats we could find were by the computer stations.

We decided to wait out the rain in the lounge. Eventually we were able to find a different seat. We were only in there about 30 minutes when the rain let up. Nicki and I went to the butterfly tent.

I got many good pictures but here are some of my favorites.

Mating butterflies

At this point, I decided the shopping bag wasn’t going to work for my medals since they were so heavy and I needed to get a good bag. So, I went to MouseGear to find bag to hold all the medals.

I ended up getting a crossbody light blue Minnie Mouse bag. The bonus part was that my daughter would be getting it as a gift when I got home. I met Nicki by the Figment topiary since Heather went back to rest. I still wanted to see the American Adventure since I had missed it during my summer trip. We walked around the Canada side taking pictures on the way.

Because I had been re-hydrating so well, I had to stop at the restroom outside the American Adventure. Then we went inside to the 3:00 showing.

We got there just before they opened the entrance.

The escalators take you through the hall of flags.

The American Adventure theater is huge. I love the sculptures on the sides.

I was surprised there were as many people in the theater as there were. It was still not full, though. The show is 30 minutes long and if you’re tired and hot, you might end up napping in the dark, cool space. I do love this presentation and especially the song at the end. Part of the lyrics are on the overhead beams of the exit.

We headed around to the International Gateway and the boats to Hollywood Studios.

I had to make another bathroom stop here before we left.

Then we boarded the boat to the Hollywood Studios park.

We used mobile ordering on the way for Backlot Express. I wanted to take advantage of it. Before long, we were at the Studios.

We entered and headed back towards the Chinese theater (which no longer has a ride).

I have yet to meet Baby Groot so we decided to go there first since they didn’t have much longer. Inside the area we found the model of the not yet open Toy Story Land.

After getting through the area, we waited in a short line for Star Lord and Baby Groot. We chatted to people in line so it didn’t seem too bad. The character interaction was great. Baby Groot wanted my medal.

The play between Star Lord and Groot had me rolling.

I would highly recommend this character meet and greet to everyone.

We walked back towards the Backlot Express. By the time we got over there, it was almost the end of our Star Tours FastPass so we did that first.

Then we went to Backlot Express and I said I’m here once I entered the building. Nicki actually said that as we were leaving Star Tours.

She got her food quite a bit before I did. I waited a little while. It was nice to not stand in line, though. We found a table and sat and waited until we got the notification. I got a cheeseburger and fries.

When we finished eating, Nicki had an idea to get my medal picture in front of the entrance to Galaxy’s Edge (Star Wars Land). It has a great mural right now. I have to admit that I love these.

Several people saw us and commented on what a great idea it was. As we finished, it started raining slightly and all the PhotoPass photographers disappeared. So, Nicki took my picture by the Chinese theater just in case.

We had FastPasses for Tower of Terror and something else that I can’t remember. However, I was beat and Nicki didn’t mind so we browsed the shops on Sunset Blvd instead.

We went back to gift shop by Star Tours as well. As we were making our way towards Launch Bay, we noticed the photographers were back out. So, I got in line for one. The Star Wars stage show happened to be taking place. The lady took her time and even had me wait to try to get a good picture with the fireworks.

After that lengthy photo session, we went to Launch Bay. We had tickets for the Star Wars Dessert Party to celebrate. I was surprised to see we could already check in.

The stormtroopers started their patrol while we checked in.

We each got a lanyard with our party pass.

The back had a map of the area.

When we entered, it was not open for the party yet, but we could see the set up.

We waited for Kylo Ren. He does great interactions.

He asked me to join the Order. I was non-committal since I’m really a Light Side kind of girl.

The party still was not open so we waited for Chewy. We did notice a line forming at the ropes. It opened while we were in line.

Chewy also does a great job of interacting.

There were still lines when we got done.

First stop was the line for drinks.

Then I joined Nicki for sweets.

There were no tables in the area so we were directed to the Cantina area. It was nice to be out of the crush but the only tables were high tops with no chairs. I will admit before long I sat on the floor my legs were that tired. I went back for the nitrogen frozen Nutella thing (it was good).

I also went back for the 2 other alcoholic drinks.

They did have ice water and sodas along with the other non-alcoholic offerings. I went back one last time for the bread pudding (with ice cream).

During that last trip, I got pictures of all the food tables.

Soon they came through and told us it was time for the fireworks. We walked around and gathered at the bottom of the steps. At the top, they were handing us bottled waters.

As went went through the next room, they gave us bags and Captain Phasma Cups.

They led us around to the front of Chinese Theater. There a StormTroopers checked for lanyards. (Sorry for the blurry picture)

We sat on ground right in the front and middle to watch first the Hollywood show then Star Wars. While we were waiting the few minutes for the first to start, I got a blurry picture of the mug.

I was very impressed with the Hollywood show and grabbed several pictures.

I will say although we had great seats, it was hard to see everything since there were side areas.

There were only about 5 minutes between the shows. It was not a bad wait at all. Then it was time for Star Wars.

I do love the integration of the lasers in the battle scenes.

It seemed to me like there were more fireworks than last time I saw this. Towards the end it started raining. The only flaw I noticed was the laser in the middle was not working. His light saber should have continued up into the sky (or it has in the past).

Once it was done, everyone was emptying out. We put on our ponchos and headed towards the front. I decided I needed to use the restroom at the front before getting in the line for the resort bus. This worked out good since there was a small line when we got to the bus. We waited on a bus and then went back to the resort. Once there, I got packed up for my flight in the morning. Nicki was on a later flight. I think I was so tired I zonked out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Overall impressions of the dessert party… The food and drinks were good and I loved that alcoholic drinks were included. They need more seating or a lower capacity. The gift at the end is a nice perk. Also, the fireworks seating was good although not the perfect location since we couldn’t see the sides without turning our heads. You can bring food and drinks out to the fireworks viewing. At $79 per adult, the value is up to your preferences. For me, it’s probably a one and done.

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