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Old House Tour

Old House, New Owners

Well here’s a blast from the past! A friend of ours who is house hunting stumbled upon this little property. Look familiar? Fun to see what they changed and what they left the same.

It’s hard not to get nostalgic checking out the photos from this listing. Joe and I met at this house and spent a good part of three years there. Of course we’re happy we moved, but that doesn’t mean I won’t always have a soft spot in my heart for the home. I reached out to the realtor and he said there’s an offer on it pending inspection, meaning the guy who bought it from Joe only stayed 2 years. (Otherwise I might have creepily gone to an open house). But I managed to pull some photos from the listing and put them below. To refresh your memory, here’s a post with photos from when we fixed it up to stage and sell. Man, time goes by fast.

Front Yard

It’s a little hard to discern from this angle, but it looks like they got rid of all the landscaping and trees! See that curvy line? Looks like they filled it in with sod.

This is how we had it back in 2015.

Back Yard

The backyard looks relatively unchanged.

They kept our humble firepit intact. Bunny house shed in the distance. The bunnies liked having free reign of the fenced-in yard.

And of course, the magical spot where we first met. And Joe’s speaker wiring is still there; hopefully it all works. We do miss having a hot tub, but maybe we’d opt for a sauna in the future.

Mud Room / Laundry Room

I’ve got to say, this is something we sorely miss. Since we went down in square footage when we moved, we no longer have any sort of entryway. I think we took for granted having a designated spot to come through and leave coats, boots and gear. Wish list!

Sun Room / Porch

Wow! Look at the bar they added. It looks like it came out of an old-timey Irish pub. I think it’s a great use of the space. This used to be a 4th “bedroom” for Joe’s roommates. But there’s no closet.

Basement Bathroom

I’m glad to see they left this paint color that we redid just before moving. It’s a silvery purpley grey I just love. This was also our first go at doing a knockdown ceiling.

Living Area

This whole level had such a nice layout. I can’t really remember if we had an area rug in here before, but we definitely should have. Me likey. Although I would have gone a little bigger for rug size. Real wood floors, yes I miss thee.

There was a bachelor living here, so they either had a really good staging person or he met a lady to move in with, because this definitely has the touch of someone with design sense.

This is the type of couch we need for our current basement. It looks so comfy.


Ahhh the kitchen. Everyone loved this kitchen. I miss this kitchen.

So much storage. Why didn’t we think to add a backsplash in there before selling it?! Just noticing this now and I’m a little ticked we didn’t make that upgrade. Money, meet table.

Master Bedroom

They kept our ceiling fan. Good choice, bro.

Master Bathroom

Nothing all that interesting or different. One thing that was actually kind of boring, to me at least, about this house is the floors and counters. It was gutted and remodeled before we bought it, so you can tell they wanted nice little upgrades, but the most basic and safe finishes. I’m just not a huge fan of all the travertine and beige.

Guest Room

Guessing this was Michael’s old room.

Upstairs Bathroom

I would not have been one bit offended if they’d repainted these walls! Not my favorite color choice. What were we thinking? But they kept our little shelf I’m quite proud of refurbishing.

This was also our first run at tiling a shower. And now look at us – Joe’s practically doing one a day. It’s fun to see how we have evolved. We still like that kind of tile and the industrial rainheads we installed. This was pretty ambitious at the time, and still no small project.

Guest Bedroom / Office

Here’s another room I am glad to see stayed the same color. I liked picking out this one.

Movie Room

The original movie room. I’m digging their accent wall color behind the fireplace. We had red, which I like too, but this is super nice. Sorry, I hate this furniture tho. But our precious mantle luckily made the cut.

And Joe is very excited to see his LED-lit stairs are working properly. Of course the sliding barn door and soffits were both a lot of work, so it’s nice to see those a part of the scenery. And my treasure map is still hiding away

Overall, I love most things they’ve changed. (Except our mulch gone). Everyone makes decisions to fit their lifestyle, so I’m never particularly attached to one way of doing anything anyway. But there’s another owner coming in to put their stamp on the place, so only time will tell what becomes of the starter home.

Have you ever revisited an old home or childhood home? Why or why not?

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