Thursday Thoughts - how many years can a mountain exist before it's washed to the sea?

1. Painting Monday night: a bench and one of only two closets in this 118 year old house. Guess which one was more exciting?

2. How to lose friends and alienate people: This is not an isolated incident for this vehicle and our driveway at the shore. Last year, diplomacy. This year, woman on the warpath. Guess which one comes more naturally?

3. I'm sucking wind. Lots going on at work, trying to keep up at home, and back and forth to prepare for our soft open at the shore, which is what I consider Memorial Day weekend to be - to get me back in the landlord frame of mind and put the house on notice that it's time to shape up. Spring felt like only a week long this year so we were behind on a lot down there but we're in solid shape now, with only wish list items left to do after this weekend. I'm looking forward to another season of nice people staying with us, three of the weeks are returning guests and the rest are just friends we haven't met yet.

4. Tuesday night I went to bed at 11, was up at 4:30, then up at 5 for good. I was on the 5:45 train in to work Wednesday, home to clean up and pack up and to the shore by 9. My dogs were like wild jackal assholes and I was grumpy as fuck by 10:30 last night. So at 11 pm I jumped on my bike still wearing my work dress and took a ride on the deserted boardwalk to blow the stink off the day.

5. Fuck trump's domestic gag rule, fuck every person who said no one was coming after women's rights when this chump got elected, fuck the NFL for their new national anthem policy, fuck every member of congress standing in silence while trump attacks the rule of law that is vital to keeping us from authoritarianism. Fuck the non-response to Santa Fe and all the other school shootings. Fuck facebook for defaulting everything I share to public again, just about fucking done with facebook.

6. Sweet haul from the OCNJ library earlier this week. Rest in peace Philip Roth. I studied him in my Jewish Lit class in college and enjoyed his work. Thanks for your stories. That's Roth, Anita Shreve, and Tom Wolfe this year already. Damn.

7. Anyone else have a partner obsessed with grass growing like it is akin to inventing fire? Kim, I've already counted you up there.

8. I made zucchini pie and egg roll in a bowl Tuesday. Neither are winning awards for prettiness but both are damn good.

9. Reminder:
10. E-card of the week: I'm ready. You? I'm hoping for an early dismissal tomorrow to make it a three point fiver.

Go get 'em today, tiger.

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