Life as mum · Aug 1, 2016

Income Report {July}

In June I wrote my first income report on my blog. I wasn't quite sure how people were going to take it. I was worried that some would think I was writing it to 'show off' but that's not the case. I decided to share what I earn each month because there are so many people who have asked me 'how do you earn money through your blog?' and so on. I wanted to show them that an income through a blog can be up and down. I also just wanted to show how proud I actually am of myself. Never have I been proud of myself about something before but knowing it is me that worked hard to get my blog to where it is right now, I am pretty proud of myself.
All my income is from sponsored posts and guest posts. I need to learn how to affiliate programmes and so on, but that will come in time as I just never have the time to read more into it. Last month I gave tips on how to get work coming into your blog and the main thing was to do what you love and just carry on blogging - the work will come to you! This month I've decided to talk about why it is good to keep in contact with a PR. This month I had quite a bit of work from the same PR and it's because I have a good relationship with this PR. So, how do you keep a good relationship with a PR and why is it good to keep in contact?
- It's always good to keep in contact with everyone you work with because you never know, one day they will come back to you with more work.
- Always and I mean always keep to deadline dates, they will more than likely come back to you if you do!
- Don't be scared to e-mail everyone you have worked with every now and then {every few months} and ask if they have any work going on at the moment. You won't get if you don't ask.
- Be polite. Be kind. Ask how their day is. Just be nice.
Now, back to my income report for July. Like I said above, all my work through July has been guest post and sponsored posts. Here is my report:
INCOME: £1048.08
I am really happy with this month's income. I couldn't be happier, as never would I have thought I'd receive that much through my blog in one month. Esepcially that July was a hard month for me because I was heavily pregnant and gave birth to my beautiful baby boy on the 16th. I am not expecting this much for August but I would still love to reach £500 or over.

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