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kimmieinwonderland.blogspot.com · Mar 23, 2018

Self Care Ideas and Why it's Important

With the semester now in full swing, I feel like it is important to mention self-care. Some people might be familiar with this term but not the practice. In simple terms, it is doing an activity or taking the steps to make sure that you are giving yourself the chance to decompress from all the stressors placed upon you.

It is often very easy to forget to do this when you have a million deadlines coming up and school and work and everything else on your plate. I am personally very guilty of this! I personally have a tendency to put everyone else first, and one day my cousin sent me the quote, "you can't pour from an empty cup." Honestly, that quote hit me and made me realize that in order to take care of others, you have to first make sure you are taking care of yourself.

First of all, take a deep breath, and yes I mean right now. Take another. Ok, now do a self checkup. How are you feeling right now? Is anything bothering you? What is on your mind? If there is anything pressing that needs to be taken care of, write it down and deal with it in a few minutes. Try to clear your mind if you can, I like to imagine being on a beach while doing deep breathing. That is how I help when I am in an anxiety attack, fun fact. This is good to help calm you down and get you started in relaxing.

Important note, self-care doesn't require Bath and Body Works candles and Lush bath bombs. That is a fun option but not the only type. I define self-care as anything that helps you relax or de-stress. Self-care is important because with so much stuff on a daily basis that demands our time and attention it is easy to forget about making sure we are doing well.

And now, after lots of Pinterest and internet scouring, here are some of my favorite quick, fun self-care ideas, enjoy!
  • There are the obvious and popular ones like take a bubble bath, hot shower, light a candle, etc.
  • Get a piece of paper or journal and just write! Get out everything in your mind, don't pay attention to grammar or spelling or if anything makes sense, just write.
  • Follow along with a meditation or self-hypnosis audio track.
  • Make some comfort food.
  • Declutter an area
  • Write yourself a love letter
  • Look in the mirror and compliment yourself.
  • Put on some music and have a dance party.
  • Watch a stand-up comedy or comedy movie.
  • Call or text a friend or family member, catch up!
  • Cuddle your pet, or your human lol
  • Blow bubbles! (I love this! Don't forget to pop them too!)
  • Try and say goofy things in an angry voice.
  • Watch funny YouTube videos. (I love silly animal fails or Markiplier raging)
  • Do some stretching or work out
    • This releases endorphins (see Elle Woods lol) and there are studies that show exercising regularly can help with depression - Linked a couple studies for your reference
  • Write down a list of things that make you happy
These are just some things I like to do, but honestly, self-care is as simple as doing something you know will make you smile or feel happy or relaxed. Self-care is about taking some time out of your day to make sure you are doing well, to make sure you are happy and relaxed and sane. Taking care of yourself is not selfish. I hope these help and you guys are able to make self-care a regular part of your life. Now go make your own list! Any other self-care ideas you may have, share them below!
Have a great day, <3 Kimmie
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