Love and Olive Oil · Oct 26, 2015

Sweet Potato Pancakes with Cinnamon Cream Syrup

A ray of sweet potato in a sea of pumpkin.

These pancakes were inspired by the one worthwhile menu item at Nashville’s famous Pancake Pantry: the sweet potato pancakes. (I know that may sound harsh but it’s my humble opinion that pancakes, even great ones, are never worth waiting hours in line for. Then again, not many foods are. Pro tip: if you want to try these famous pancakes, go on Tuesday at 10am. There will be no line and you can enjoy your pancakes in peace.)

Or, even better, make these copycat sweet potato pancakes in the comfort of your own home (where the only line is the three cats at your feet waiting to lick the leftover sweet potato puree from your spoon).

But seriously, are my cats the only ones that love sweet potato/squash/pumpkin puree? It’s like kitty crack. They beg me to lick the spatula much like I remember begging my mom to lick the cookie dough off the beaters as a kid (or, um, as an adult, though I don’t much have to beg when I’m the one in charge of the baking).

What truly makes Pancake Pantry’s sweet potato pancakes so stellar, in my opinion, is the syrup. Rather than boring old maple syrup, these pancakes are topped with a cinnamon cream syrup, made from little more than sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon, with a splash of maple syrup for flavor. In fact, I first made my own version of this syrup for the indulgent cookie dough pancakes in my book because I love it so much. It keeps quite well in the fridge, so rather than waste that partial can of sweetened condensed milk, whip up a double batch and save it to use on French toast, dutch baby pancakes, or heck, it’d even be good over ice cream.

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