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The IIFYM Fast Food Restaurant MASTER LIST

Click HERE for the CHAIN RESTAURANT LIST (check back - next week).

This massive list below contains my top choices for macro-friendly items from the main fast food restaurants in America. I spent quite some time sifting through every single fast food menu. I'm sure there are other macro-friendly items for each restaurant but these are my top picks based on lowest carb/fat and highest protein options that actually sound like they taste good. Feel free to comment or email me if you see one of your favorite restaurants or menu items not on this list and I'll add it! I'd love for this list to grow and be refined by you guys!

This took me lit-ch-rally FOREVER, so I hope you find it helpful! I made it because I hate searching through massive menus trying to find the item with the best macro profile like a needle in a haystack... not to mention they make it IMPOSSIBLE to keep your place on which column in the chart is carb/fat/protein. It can be SO annoying and frustrating. Hopefully this list will make your search for the best IIFYM choices a little less painful. ;)
A FEW NOTES: I am including main menu type items for the most part. Obviously side items like apple slices and yogurt will have low calories and can easily be fit, but I'm assuming things like that are common knowledge. Most salads listed do not include dressing unless specified. I recommend Bolthouse Farms dressings (ranch and cilantro avocado are my personal favs); best macros and flavor of dressings I've ever had. Walden farms 0 calorie thousand is aight if you're on crazy low macros. Just some personal recommendations.

So without further ado... here ya go! Enjoy!

- C

Latest update: 8/24/15


1. Roast Beef Classic Sandwich - 360kcal: 14F/35C/23P
2. Prime-cut Chicken Tenders (3) - 350kcal: 17F/25C/25P
3. Jr Roast Beef Sandwich - 210kcal: 8F/22C/13P
4. Jr Bacon Cheddar Melt Sandwich - 280kcal: 12F/25C/17P
5. Chopped Farmhouse Salad w/ Roast Turkey: 230kcal: 13F/8C/23P

Burger King
1. Whopper Jr. Sandwich w/o Mayo - 240kcal: 10F/27C/10P
2. Flame Broiled Hamburger - 230kcal: 9F/26C/9P
3. Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich w/o Mayo - 350kcal: 9F/40C/26P
4. Ranch Grilled Chicken Wrap - 310kcal: 16F/26C/19P
5. Tendergrill Chicken Apple Cranberry Salad w/ dressing - 440kcal: 26F/34C/28P

1. 12-count Grilled Nuggets - 200kcal: 4.5F/6C/34P
2. Grilled Chicken Sandwich - 320kcal: 5F/40C/30P
3. Grilled Market Salad - 200kcal: 5F/17C/20P
4. Asian Salad - 330kcal: 13F/24C/29P
5. Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich - 440kcal: 14F/41C/38P

Chipotle Mexican Grill*
IIFYM-er's dream come true. You can make pretty much anything fit your macros here. ;) If you're on poverty macros I recommend making a salad with double fajita veggies, steak or chicken, and salsa. This restaurant is just a given.

Firehouse Subs
Note: Special thanks to Chris Elkins for contributing to this list. All items are from the “under 500 calories” menu.
1. Sriracha Beef Sub w/ no mayo – 408kcal: 9.6F/47C/31.5P
2. Hook & Ladder Light w/ no mayo – 368kcal: 8.6F/50.8C/29.8P
3. Capt. Sorensen’s Datil Pepper Grilled Chicken Sub w/ no mayo – 356kcal: 7F/51.3C/29.6P
4. Chopped Salad w/ Grilled Chicken and no dressing – 248kcal: 7.9F/17.4C/30.1P
5. Chopped Salad w/ Turkey and no dressing – 259kcal: 8.4F/18.9C/31.3P

Hardee's/Carls Jr.
1. 1/3Lb Low Carb Thickburger w/o cheese or mayo - 280kcal: 16F/9C/19P
2. Low Carb Charbroiled Chicken Club Sandwich w/o mayo - 210kcal: 7F/13C/24P
3. "Trim It" Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich - 190kcal: 3.5F/24C/18P
4. "Trim It" Frisco Breakfast Sandwich - 360kcal: 11F/44C/19P
5. "Trim It" 1/4Lb Low Carb Little Thickburger - 220kcal: 15F/6C/15P

1. Hamburger w/ Protein Style Bun - 240kcal: 17F/11C/13P
2. Hamburger w/ must & ketchup instead of spread - 310kcal: 10F/41C/16P
3. Cheeseburger w/ Protein Style Bun - 330kcal: 25F/11C/18P
4. Cheeseburger w/ must & ketchup instead of spread - 400kcal: 18F/41C/22P
5. Double Double w/ must & ketchup instead of spread - 590kcal: 32F/41C/37P

Jack in the Box

1. Grilled Chicken Strips w/ Teriyaki Sauce – 310kcal: 8F/15C/44P
2. Grilled Chicken Salad – 250kcal: 9F/14C/28P
3. Egg White & Turkey Breakfast Sandwich – 250kcal: 6F/31C/18P
4. Jr. Jack Burger – 320kcal: 15F/33C/14P
5. Chicken Club Salad w/ Grilled Chicken Strips – 360kcal: 20F/12C/37P
6. Southwest Salad w/ Grilled Chicken Strips – 350kcal: 15F/28C/34P

Kentucky Fried Chicken
1. Crispy Chicken BLT Salad - 350kcal: 18F/18C/30P
2. Crispy Chicken Caesar Salad - 330kcal: 17F/16C/29P
3. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast - 220kcal: 7F/0C/40P
4. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Drumstick - 90kcal: 4F/0C/13P
5. Kentucky Grilled Chicken Wing - 80kcal: 4.5F/0C/10P

Krystal Burger

1. Krystal Chik - 300kcal: 16F/27C/14P
2. Chik Club - 320kcal: 16F/29C/16P
3. Small Chik'n Bitesl - 200kcal: 7F/20C/15P
4. Large Chili - 300kcal: 11F/33C/17P
5. Egg on Toast - 230kcal: 9F/20C/15P

1. Bacon Ranch Salad w/ Grilled Chicken - 300kcal: 14F/9C/37P
2. Egg White Delight McMuffin - 250kcal: 8F/30C/18P
3. Southwest Salad w/ Grilled Chicken - 330kcal: 11F/26C/32P
4. Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich- 360kcal: 6F/43C/32P
5. Vanilla Ice Cream Cone - 170kcal: 4.5F/27C/5P (BEST PREWORKOUT EVER)
Check out their Favorites Under 400 menu for more macro-friendly items!

Moe's Southwest Grill
See Chipotle Mexican Grill. Same deal -- everything is customizable to fit your macro needs.

Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits
1. Blackened Chicken Tenders (3) - 170kcal: 2F/2C/26P
2. Blackened BBQ Chicken Po' Boy - 340kcal: 7F/49C/24P
3. Mild Chicken Leg - 160kcal: 9F/5C/14P
4. Spicy Chicken Leg - 170kcal: 10F/5C/13P
5. Spicy Chicken Tenders - 310kcal: 15F/16C/28P

Qdoba Mexican Grill
See Chipotle Mexican Grill. Same deal -- everything is customizable to fit your macro needs.

1. Small Turkey Sub w/o cheese or dressing - 320kcal: 8F/43C/24P
2. Large BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad w/o cheese or dressing - 220kcal: 8F/15C/23P
3. Large Honey Mustard Chicken Salad w/o cheese or dressing - 290kcal: 14F/13C/28P
4. Large Peppercorn Caesar Salad w/o cheese or dressing - 180kcal: 6F/13C/22P
5. Small Basil Pesto Chicken Grilled Flatbread w/o cheese or dressing - 360kcal: 15F/37C/20P

Sonic Drive-In
Note: For the most part macros are pretty bad overall here.
1. Jr Burger - 330kcal: 17F/30C/15P
2. Chicken Strips Kids Meal - 220kcal: 11F/17C/14P
3. Classic Grilled Chicken Sandwich - 450kcal: 17F/44C/32P
4. Jr Breakfast Burrito - 230kcal: 15F/23C/13P
5. Vanilla Ice Cream (cup) - 240kcal 13F/26C/4P (only mentioning for pre workout carbs :P)

Note: Most all of their salads are extremely macro-friendly so I won't even bother listing those.
1. 6" Roast Beef - 320kcal: 5F/45C/24P
2. 6" Oven Roasted Chicken - 320kcal: 5F/47C/23P
3. 6" Turkey Breast - 280kcal: 3.5F/46C/18P
4. 6" Monterey Chicken Melt - 360kcal: 8F/45C/28P
5. 6" Steak, Egg White & Cheese - 390kcal: 10F/47C/28P

Taco Bell
Note: Taco Bell has many small items like tacos for around 150kcal, which can easily be fit into anyone's macros. There are so many of these items, however, that I will not list all of them. Also, anything can be made "Fresco-style" which reduces fat by at least 25%. See their nutrition calculator for details.
1. Cantina Power Chicken Burrito - 450kcal: 19F/43C/28P
2. Cantina Chicken Power Bowl - 490kcal: 20F/49C/29P (steak is good too)
3. Fresco Soft Chicken Taco - 140kcal: 3.5F/16C/10P (steak is good too)
4. Fresco-Style Fiesta Taco Salad w/o beans or rice - 400kcal: 16F/41C/23P
5. Fresco Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco w/ grilled chicken - 150kcal: 6F/12C/11P

1. Full Size Apple Pecan Chicken Salad - 350kcal: 11F/28C/35P
2. Full Size Asian Cashew Chicken Salad - 210kcal: 3.5F/14C/33P
3. Large Chili - 250kcal: 7F/23C/23P
4. Spicy Chicken Nuggets (4pc): 170kcal: 11F/9C/10P
5. Grilled Chicken Sandwich - 370kcal: 7F/43C/34P
6. Grilled Chicken Go Wrap - 270kcal: 3.5F/25C/19P

1. Whataburger Jr - 310kcal: 11F/37C/14P
2. Grilled Chicken Sandwich - 430kcal: 13F/49C/35P
3. Garden Salad - 160kcal: 10F/10C/10P
4. Double Meat Whataburger Jr - 420kcal: 20F/37C/23P
5. Chicken Fajita Taco - 340kcal: 12F/29C/28P

White Castle
1. Original Slider - 140kcal: 6F/13C/7P
2. Grilled Chicken Slider - 180kcal: 7F/13C/15P
3. Plain Veggie Slider - 150kcal: 5F/20C/5P
4. Egg & Cheese Breakfast Slider - 160kcal: 7F/13C/9P
5. Egg & Hamburger Breakfast Slider - 190kcal: 11F/12C/12P

1. Grilled Chicken House Salad w/o toast, fried onions, dressing - 308kcal: 12.5F/9C/40P
2. Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad w/o dressing - 540kcal: 24.5F/31C/49P
3. The Blue Blackened w/o toast, friend onions dressing - 336kcal: 12.5F/14C/42P
4. Buffalo Fingers w/o sauce - 390kcal: 18F/13C/44P
5. Chicken Salad Zalad w/o toast - 260kcal: 17F/10C/17P
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