Make it Blissful · Mar 15, 2015

How Blogging Changed The Woman In Me

By Louise Fandino of Mommy Practicality

I have already been fond of writing my thoughts and feelings long before The Backstreet Boys became popular. Maybe it stemmed from having no sister to tell me daily adventures as a child. Maybe when I was starting to have a crush I cannot contain my shiver-to-my-spine and butterfly-in-my-stomach feelings that I had to pen it on my diary. The love for telling stories came early to me, unknowingly it would now be put to a good purpose through blogging.

I became active in blogging in 2012 when Mommy Practicality was emancipated. Like most of the bloggers I talked to, it started as an outlet for me. I badly needed a sustainable release or stress which will bring me back to sanity in the middle of my hectic day at work. But as I persevered and relearned to love the craft, blogging no longer was just an outlet. Blogging became a big part of me and it was a big part of the process of my development as a person, as a woman.

I could not thank heavens enough for leading me to this path, because it has brought positive changes in me, unimaginably. Let me share to you how.

It first made me calmer.

Like what I said, blogging started as an outlet from a fast-paced work environment. Blogging became therapeutic to me. I got excited whenever I would open my blog and realize there were people reading what I wrote. The excitement made me write more. When I wrote more, it made me happy. By being happy, not a big pressure at work could rattle me anymore. I noticed I was calmer at handling people and things in my life. This was the very first positive effect blogging had on me. Next,

It pushed me to do better everyday.

Seeing that my first few entries were read by people I may know, but most I don’t, made me push myself to self-study the ins and outs of blogging. I realized that blogging was not just about writing. It’s meant to be shared. It’s meant to be read by people who may be going through what I went through at that moment, and needed boost of encouragement or inspiration. It made me want to reach out to more people. Reaching out to more means optimizing my articles and using other sharing tools and social sites. These didn’t come easily on my lap. I studied them, I read a lot, I followed many successful bloggers and studied what they do which I may apply to my blog too. I didn’t think that I could still better my bests, but I did. These successful bloggers inspired me a lot to do my best, rather than made me feel insecure about where my blog was that time. I invested in blogging to improve in my craft so I may be able to reach out to more people who may learn a thing or two from my blog. This route also landed me a spot in Make It Blissful’s Blissmakers. By being better at what I do, it led me to the next point…

It opened opportunities for me.

By persevering and working hard to come up with quality articles, slowly my blog became valuable to brands and I was asked to work with a few to become their ambassador. The first digital representation of a brand was overwhelming. I was in disbelief. Brands I trust, I believe in and actually use were fortunately the brands I have worked with. But the question remains in my mind up to this day, why me? There were a lot more tenured and better writers than I am, why me? Honestly, I am still puzzled. Wonderful opportunities were opened. Some I accepted and some I had to decline because I want to be honest to my readers and only tell them what I actually use or potentially would like. The important lesson to me at this point is, you really reap what you sow.

It made me live my life more intentionally and purposely.

Believe me, there will come a time when a rave of brands would approach you to write about them, and you do because it’s an opportunity you think might not knock again. But time will also come when you’re pushed to the wall and stressed out meeting deadlines here and there. I didn’t want that. It’s not all about the money or exposure. You should go back to your core, the WHYs of your blog, the main purpose. That’s what I did when it reached a certain point when I was a bit burnt out because of deadlines. I realized it wasn’t inspiring anymore. It wasn’t working for me anymore. So before turning my back, I refocused. I simplified. I became more intentional and more purposeful about blogging. I went back to the WHY of my blog. As what my mentor Martine said, I was first a wifey and a mother, before I became a blogger. So I had to prioritize. I have to make blog schedules work around mine. Since then, I slowed down. And there isn’t anything wrong about not being able to produce a blog post every day as long as I am writing my heart out in my own perfect time, consistently and passionately. It relieved me of the blogger’s burnt out.

It connected me to like-minded, inspiring, and positive women

It helped a lot to be connected to a caring and empowering community. Not one that only cares about what they got from brands A,B, and C. Not one that competes with one another. I was thankful I had an early discernment to choose the community I would want to take part in. I am thankful I was led to the women who would inspire me to do better, be better and be myself. Being a Blissmaker and meeting these other wonderful women made me discover a lot more potential in myself that I never thought I still have. We all need this kind of women in our lives. Inspiring, helpful, intentional, positive and who would be sincerely happy for your achievements.

I prayed and gave more.

I am grateful for every opportunity that blogging had given me. Be it monetary or products, I see them as blessings and not just a privilege. The more I received, the more I had a sense of responsibility to find a way to be able to give back, in any simple way I can. It could anywhere between helping other bloggers who needed some tips or donating to the community or helping friends in needed. I felt I am here for a purpose, to use my position to be able to help to others and give back to our Creator. With this, I became more reflective, more socially responsible, giving, and unstoppably thankful to HIM.

As I continue to blog, I still discover and experience so many wonderful changes in me. I know that I am still being molded to be able to do more for others. I became surer of myself which made me love myself more sans the imperfections. There is a certain acceptance that no matter how flawed I am as a wife, a mom, a blogger, a partner or a woman, I am still loved and appreciated by the people that matter in my life. Through blogging, I learned how to simplify, to stop and smell the flowers, to be more intentional, to be more helpful, to be more appreciative of what I have, and to give back by being of service to others.

These are some of the changes that blogging has brought to me as a woman. If you also blog, do share by commenting how blogging has changed you.

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