Masha Sedgwick · Jan 22, 2017

4. Weekly Update


This week is all about Berlin Fashion Week, which took over town for the past few days. I was super busy all the time, and that’s a great thing, of course. It was wonderful, and I had a really awesome time, but more about that later.

You know, the most beautiful thing about Fashion Week this year was all that positive feedback I got from you guys personally – both for the blog as well as for the new baby, the podcast. If someone shows you so much love it’s the most beautiful thing in the world, regardless if you know the person or not. I felt so proud all week, it was almost scary how well everything worked out. Looks like all that hard work from the past couple of years is really starting to pay off now. It feels incredible to have a voice that people hear. Unbelievable! I’m still blown away by it all!

“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear”
Marilyn Monroe

vinyl pants: Topshop
t-shirt: Amazon
jacket: 5Preview
shoes: Vans

Next week:
A relaxing couple of days after Fashion Week? Well, that ain’t happening.

Instead I’m heading to Düsseldorf where I will attend two exciting events, and at the end of the week I’m off to Stockholm for the next Fashion Week. The agenda’s full with exciting things, and I’m very much looking forward to it (but I’m also a little nervous).

On the blog I’ll focus on Fashion week for the next couple of days. I’ll have a trend report for you guys, and a write-up of my personal impressions. Also, I’m going to post a bunch of outfits that I wore and shot during and in between the various events. It’s going to be an awesome week!

Outfit: Dorothee Schumacher

This sucked:
Well, this week was so over-the-top amazing that I guess something had to happen to pull me back down again. My beloved little cruiser is broken!!! Well, it still works, but someone smashed in a window, and all I had to fix it for the first few days is a trash bag. Man, this sucks.

But if this is somehow the price I had to pay for having such an incredible week – so be it. The evening when it happened I heard a couple of kids play with fire crackers on the street, and I remember as we were lying in bed I was telling my boyfriend how glad I was that I parked in a quiet little alley. Pretty ironic. Should have found a better parking spot, but hey, that’s how it goes sometimes. At least nothing was stolen this time.. but maybe it’s to do with the fact that there was nothing there to take apart from a charger cable and an empty coffee cup.

Question of the week:
Would you guys party with a work-related crowd? Like, with your boss or colleagues?

New in:
Vinyl pants
grey crossbody bag
Stranger Things shirt
two piece


Some fashion blogger colleagues of mine were denied entrance to a show because they once posted a somewhat critical article about a previous edition of the event.

I have mixed feelings about it: on the one hand I feel it’s a real shame if someone can’t handle negative feedback, on the other I’m not sure how I would react – I mean it’s also a fact that it’s anyone’s right to choose who they invite to exclusive events, right? In a way it seems understandable that the organizers prefer to invite people that they feel will enjoy the show. I also have to admit that there’s a designer that always gives me free seating ever since I once posted a slightly critical article about them. Does that make me mad? No way, I just don’t go there anymore. In a way I already know I’m not going to like their clothes. I guess it’s ok for both parties in that case.

One more thing I wanted to share:

My newest baby, the podcast, was received super warmly by you guys! The first episode already racked up more than 4000 plays – in the first week! Crazy!!!
I received so much lovely feedback and so many great recommendations, and I’m forwarding a lot of that love to Lisa via messages. I’m so happy you like the idea! Well, we didn’t waste time and recorded the second episode for you. We do know that there is a lot to improve still, we still have no intro – and no outro – for that matter, but it’s all going to happen, bear with us. The main thing is that it’s up and available, and we’ll make all the details and little improvements fall in place in due time :)

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