Maskcara · Mar 11, 2015

Tip Tuesday: nose contouring

I thought it was time to update the nose contouring info as I’ve changed it up a bit!
(in addition to the nose contouring this image is a good comparison of deer in headlights VS mirror face/zoolander blue steel. Not sure which one is better…)

In middle school, my best friend Shelly and I used to fight.

Not like gossiping or flirting with each others’ crushes or doing sneaky three way calls or anything like that. We just, you know fought…or rather, wrestled. Often.
We weren’t exactly ahead of the game, maturity-wise.
Anyway, once during a particularly intense WWF style match she somehow ended up with a book in her hands and that book ended up hitting me smack dab in the nose. I will insert here that although I have no recollection as to what she actually intended to do with the book, it’s collision with my schnoz was unplanned and 100% accidental.
Long story long, my nose ended up a little bit crooked.

Which is why I HAC (highlight & Contour) it. Well, that and I just think it looks more fancy a little sculpted up.

Here’s my video on how I do it:

What I used:
IIID Foundation in Sunlit & Contour in Shadow

A few extra tips to keep in mind:

#1 Product choice.
Guys. product choice is HUGE here. I feel like I never quite mastered it until I created “Shadow” it was a total game changer. I wanted a cream that was super gray and fairly dark. I knew when I’d created the perfect color because as I was blending it on it felt more like sculpting than coloring. It actually looked like the shape of my nose was changing, rather than looking like it was getting tanner…or in some cases, dirtier. Even right up close I can’t tell where the actual shadow starts and stops.

#2 Lighting
It is nearly impossible to get a good nose contour without the correct lighting. That is, lighting coming from one source facing you. When you are first starting out go to a well lit window in your house and sit in front of it with a mirror(that’s actually where I always do my makeup). If you are in side lit or overhead lighting you really won’t be able to see the natural shadows at all.

Happy HACed nose to you all!

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