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Geometry with Roof Trusses

I created some very nifty digital roof trusses for another resource the other day. I put so much effort into researching and building different truss styles, that I decided to share the images as clip art in case other people can use these in worksheets, etc.

They are great for real-world problem solving in so many areas, depending on what "given" parts you label:
- Triangle Sum Theorem
- Congruent & Similar Triangles & Quadrilaterals
- Quadrilateral Sums (& even pentagons)
- Angle Addition Postulate
- Supplementary Angles & Linear Pairs
​- Diagrams within proofs
... and a lot more.

Just pop them on the page, and add some text boxes or symbols to create endless problem sets. These would be great on quizzes.

You can shrink/expand them to any size.

Here are the individual clipart files (as PNGs with invisible backgrounds). These image files are for personal or classroom use only, not for commercial use (You may not sell any resource with these images in it). Click each picture to download and save each image file:
Fink Truss
Fan Truss
Howe Truss
Double W Truss

Here is a worksheet I created as a missing-angle-measure puzzle.
​Click the image to download the PDF file and answer key:

If you use this worksheet, after the great review of angle measures, properties of triangles, and supplementary angles, you can follow it up by asking students to classify the different triangles, identify pairs of similar and congruent triangles, and even discuss special right triangles.

I hope you and your students can use and enjoy these!

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