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So Christmas is over for another year and it’s time to welcome in 2019. We have had a wonderful family Christmas and I hope I’ve made it as special as possible for my children. All I want is for them to look back at their childhood with wonderful memories and Christmas is such a huge part of that. Once the New Year arrives I like to get my Christmas decorations down and freshen up the house and get organised for the New Year ahead. I always have lots of goals for the new year with methods, plans & ways of how to achieve them.


  1. Christmas Christmas Christmas!!!!
  2. Lots of lovely Christmas ‘do’s’ with fabulous friends!
  3. Cinema trips, Christmas markets, time at home with family!
  4. Watching the wonderful new ‘Mary Poppins’ film! Just stunning!
  5. Seeing my kids faces on Christmas morning! Priceless!
Getting a surprise trip to Madrid for next June with my friend Laura that our husbands booked! Brownie points!!


Putting the Christmas Decorations away and getting the house freshened up for the new year ahead

I adore Christmas and everything about it. My decorations go up the first weekend in December and I love adding a few extra beautiful decorations each year. I have beautiful trees that are colour schemed and coordinated and I have a tree that’s full of memories. I love hosting at Christmas and using all my best crockery & cutlery for dinner parties and I have an array of gorgeous glassware ranging from gin & Prosecco glasses to sherry & every kind of wine glass imaginable. So yes it’s safe to say I adore this festive time of year. However, on the 1st of January every year I take everything down and get my house back to normal. A new year means a new start so I love to pack last year away, have a post Christmas thorough clean and freshen up for the new year ahead.

I love how spacious it feels and I start making plans for changes in the house, new items I’d like to add and decorating that needs doing. The Christmas smells of my beautiful candles are gone and on go my fresh linen and citrus smells in the hope that Spring won’t take too long to arrive ready for my favourite time of year, Easter!!!!


Beauty, health & fashion overhaul

Its safe to say I’ve really over indulged this festive season and I don’t regret it one bit. I’ve throughly enjoyed eating at gorgeous places and serving up delicious Christmas fayre and every morsel has been delicious. I’ve certainly enjoyed a fair few glasses of vino too which I don’t feel guilty about because if you can’t enjoy yourself at Christmas when can you? However, my wardrobe all seems to have shrunk lately or rather I’ve put on a few pounds and the aftermath of the over indulging has certainly affected my waistline!!!!! Now the New Year has arrived I am on a total mission to get fit again and get my figure back to where I want it to be.

Everything still fits but I don’t feel good in it plus I want to give my wardrobe a huge overhaul but I want to do it when I feel a bit more in shape. So on goes the gym wear and trainers and out goes the chocolates, wine, bread and mince pies. I want to feel healthy and good about myself and I’m on a real mission in 2019 so bring it on!!!!!


A delicious cocktail to end dry January


An elegant vodka-based cocktail that will wow your guests, made with creamy advocat liqueur and fruit syrup.


For the rhubarb syrup

  • 85g caster sugar
  • 300g chopped rhubarb
  • For the cocktail

    • 1 length rhubarb
    • 30ml advocaat
    • 75ml lemonade


    1. To make the rhubarb syrup, put the caster sugar in a saucepan with 75ml water. Heat very gently, so the sugar disappears but the water doesn’t bubble. Tip in the chopped rhubarb, cover with a tight-fitting lid and increase the heat a little so it begins to boil. Simmer, covered, for about 5 mins until the rhubarb is very tender but not disintegrating.
    2. Turn off the heat, and tip the pan’s contents into a fine sieve over a bowl. Use a wooden spoon to gently squeeze the rhubarb so that you get all the juices, but no pulp. Tip back into the pan and boil rapidly for a few mins until just syrupy. Pour into a jug – you should have about 125ml. Leave to cool completely. Any leftovers will keep in the fridge for up to 1 month.
    3. Chill 4 cocktail glasses with ice or in your freezer. Shake the vodka and 100ml of the rhubarb syrup together with ice until mixed and chilled down. Make small shreds of rhubarb using a vegetable peeler and place into iced water – this will make them curl up.
    4. In a separate jug, whisk together the advocaat and lemonade with more ice to lighten. Divide the vodka and rhubarb mixture between the glasses, straining through a small sieve to catch the ice.
    5. Carefully pour 25ml of your advocaat mixture into each glass over an upsidedown spoon (the mixture should float on the surface of the vodka syrup mixture). Drain the rhubarb shreds well and use to garnish your cocktails.


    Gary Barlow

    As a fan of Take That in their early years and then being part of my twenties I’d been interested to read this book. Gary who always seemed the solid sensible Northern lad compared to the more troubled Robbie actually had a lot more going on than people realised and his battle with food and his weight is so extreme it took me by surprise. A very honest account of his early years, his rise to superstardom and his ongoing rivalry with Robbie, this book kept me turning the pages and his account of his baby daughter being born stillborn is heartbreaking.


    Mary Poppins Returns

    Who doesn’t love the original Mary Poppins? So when I thought they were re making it I thought it was such a bad idea. However I soon realised it was another story with ‘Mary Poppins returns’ & I was excited to watch it when it came out. So on Friday 21st December, the day it came out I took my mum & Isabelle to see it (Max did NOT want to go, really not cool for a 10 year old boy apparent,y!!)

    Did it compare to the first film? In my opinion it just didn’t although I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was beautifully done. Emily Blunts performance as the magical nanny is a little stricter than Julie Andrews and apparently closer to the original books and I thought she gave an excellent performance. The new songs were all perfectly in keeping and although it wasn’t a copy of the first film, each scene and song was a similar replica in fitting with the new story. It was also wonderful to see the amazing Dick Van Dyke in a cameo bringing his wonderful performance full circle.

    I didn’t rave as much as some people seem to be doing but I enjoyed it very much never-the-less and will go back to see it again.


    A new year, new beginnings & clearing out for a fresh start


    That our wonderful family Christmas is over for another year


    1. Dancing on Ice is back on TV
    1. The new series of ‘Call the Midwife’ & ‘Cold Feet’
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