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My Top Beauty Finds of 2015!

Oh God – I can’t believe that 2015 is nearly over – that’s shocking! I think God/Allah/Yoda missed out a couple of months, which is the only way i can explain time moving as swiftly as it has done.

In the beauty world it was a very innovative time, full of interesting and effective beauty products (mostly. I did try out a couple of Emporer’s New Clothes…). I’ve relished trialling new products and there have been some absolute standouts – compiling this Top Five of them wasn’t hard, though I was loathe to miss out Pixi Milky Hydrating Serum. That has to have a special mention here…If you’re looking for a bit of a skin saviour, this is it! (OK I’m cheating now so I must crack on with my….)

Beauty must-haves of 2015!

5) Ameliorate

This is just fantastic for getting rid of chicken skin, AKA those bumpy bits on arms/bums that no ordinary moisturiser can tackle. Best of all, you only need the tiniest amount applied each day for a dramatic and quick result, so my Ameliorate has lasted for months and is still going strong.

I’d thought those bumps were there forever, as no amount of exfoliation and rich moisturisers would get rid of them. Now I know: avoid heavy exfoliation and use a tiny amount of Ameliorate. Magic!

£27.50 from Marks and Spencer

4) Konjac Sponges

I’ve got a Clarisonic, I’ve got muslin clothes and I’ve got cotton wool pads aplenty – but nothing comes close to my Konjac Sponge! Made of vegetable fibre, this neutralises the pH of my skin whilst removing every last scrap of make up (including eyes) gently and reliably.

Best of all it’s like cleansing your skin with the squidgiest, gentlest cloud imaginable, so I’m a big fan of using this when my skin is irritated but needs an intense cleansing.

£7.95 from Cos Natural

3) The Entire Clary Sage Range by Burt’s Bees

I know I should narrow this down to one, but I swear that if you bought just one of these products you’d notice a difference in your skin.

I really think all skin types would notice the difference after using this for a few weeks, apart from maybe teenage skin that is very greasy. The products performed so very well in clinical trials and it’s not hard to see why: using their cleanser doesn’t strip my skin of any of it’s natural moisture levels, and their eye cream is keeping pesky fine lines at bay.

Big night coming up on the 31st? Their intense night cream will have your skin looking innocent and plumped up as a baby (and I swear that’s not the Quality Street).

Head to

2) Avéne Cleanance Mask

My hormones have been a bit doollally this year (thanks, The Pill!) and I’ve been getting my teenager skin back every so often – raised bumps, tightness and greasy skin, all at once. Not great for castings!

I usually avoid any products aimed at spots as they tend to strip any moisture from the skin, meaning that the sebaceous glands over-act, produce more ‘grease’ and therefore more spots.

Not Avéne! This mask is joyfully spot-fighting and you can feel it too – but it’s also soothing and calming. The fact that it sorts out both the greasiness AND the tight, dry feeling in one go is really unique and I will always have this wonderful product on standby.

£15 from Boots

1) Trilogy Rosapene Night Cream

So here we are! Number 1! I thought that my number one product had to be my ultimate go-to: the one I can’t travel without, the one I have to have in every house I stay in, the one that comes on jobs with me. And it’s this fantastic, healing night cream by Trilogy.

Sleep is when your body gets to healing itself, so if I wake up after a good night’s sleep with this on my face: well, it’s like I traveled back a couple of years in the Tardis.

However, life rarely allows you a beautiful night’s sleep, and this is where this super product comes in. Almond and Aloe Vera soothe, rosehip nourishes and antioxidant-rich acai help fight free radicals. My skin absorbs this very well so there’s no greasy residue, but a very satisfying feeling of being deeply hydrated and calmed.

SALE PRICE! £25.65 from Feel Unique

Rebecca x

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