More at Forty (Five) · Oct 27, 2014

Stray Thoughts Sunday

My first Stray Thoughts Sunday in a while. I have so many stray thoughts, it is often difficult to corral them! But, I shall do my best!

First off, the Monday blogs in my Sunday feed make me unnecessarily anxious. I am behind. I am not as behind as I was a week ago, but I am still behind. And every Monday is another Monday I am not caught up. So, I like Sundays to stretch out before me, limitless in opportunity, but as darkness falls and Monday blog titles start to pop up in my Bloglovin’ feed, I start to lose some of my hope and optimism and panic and dread start to set in. It was my hope to start out this week caught up and feeling great…I don’t think there are enough hours left in the day to fulfill that goal. Anyone else feel like this?

So, it seemed slightly prophetic that “7 Ways to Start Your Week Like A Leader” popped up in my inbox review tonight (an old post, but one I had saved to read at a later date). I’m not sure about #1 right now. I don’t have the person in mind and thinking of someone makes my brain hurt. But, I am on top of #2 – I actually have a couple of letters to write and send to people’s bosses complimenting them for their recent tournament hosting and I definitely have a long list of Thanks to be handing out. And, wow – do I ever need #3 in my life. Part of my problem this past three or four weeks is that all I’ve been doing is putting out fires. And unfortunately, more are being lit than I able to put out. It is hard to prioritize when it seems like everything is needed RIGHT. NOW. But, realistically, when I don’t focus NOTHING gets done. So, tomorrow, grading is my focus. I will feel 100 times better if I can get my grading done. So, although I don’t usually go to a coffee shop to work because I like to be able to clean my house intermittently, I’m going to do it tomorrow to avoid cleaning my house intermittently. I’m going to take myself off of social media, email, etc. and just take whatever time I have after helping out at my daughter’s school in the morning (tomorrow is the 50th day of Kindergarten and so it is 50s day) to grade, grade and grade some more. #4 is taxes. Definitely an issue I need to deal with, so step one tomorrow. #5 is student instead of employer – I am going to check in with some under-performing students this week (this will be easier if I can accomplish #3!) and see what is going on with them. #6 is a little less clear. Not sure who it would be or why, but something may come to mind a little later. Finally, #7 is going to be a conscious effort on my part this week – shifting to gratitude!

A few other stray thoughts before I go…

First, I would really like for it to rain in California for a considerable amount of time. The drought is starting to become a full-fledged disaster. And when I read things like this infograph, it is also frustrating beyond belief.

Second, Go Giants!

Third, if you like shows like 48 Hours or 20/20 murder mysteries, do yourself a favor and listen to the Serial Podcast. It is amazing stuff…

And, last, but certainly not least, I have found my productivity guru thanks to Sorta CrunchyThe Complete Flake’s Guide to Getting Things Done by Sonia Simone.

Oh wait – as an afterthought – this bear was my favorite animal of the week!

Have a great week to come and remember – gratitude!

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