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Life With Invisible Illness - My Top 30 Quotes to Live By

For Invisible Illness week I completed the '30 Things You May Not Know About My Invisible Illness' meme. One of the questions was what is your favourite motto, scripture, quote that gets you through tough times? This was hard as I have so many! For the list I chose a song that has become an anthem in our house since we went to see Shrek the Musical in the summer, 'Freak Flag' - we can all relate.
So I have compliled a list of the quotes that have helped me with my invisible illness, perhaps because it's invisible, because people don't understand and judge but also quotes that inspire and sum up my spirit living everyday with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Charcot Marie Tooth Disease...

#1 AMEN to that!

#2 What if you fly?

#3 One of my favourite Bible quotes. If the cap fits...

#4 This one is important to me - living with an invisible illness (or three) can be draining physically and emotionally but it is not going away. These conditions are here to stay. I have learnt to live with them, manage them and live happily too. This has been an active choice. This is my life and I'm not going to waste it.

#5 Happiness is a choice. We could all go around moping and moaning everyday because something is not going our way but challenge those thoughts, smile, be happy. Life has so much to offer and living with Chronic illness has made me appreciate it fully. I am thankful everyday for that.

#6 Be happy with who you are in your own skin. Be Perfectly imperfect and proud.

#7 To me this is about being the best you can be but not boastful or with an ego. Be kind. Always.

#8 Yes it does.

#9 This is personal to me, we call our daughter our little butterfly because she is beautiful yet incredibly fragile.

#10 This is the story of my life, on with the smile and off we go again.

#11 My superhero is my gorgeous little girl with the strength to fight big battles every day that no one even knows about, always with an illuminating smile and a glint in her eye.

#12 For all the misdiagnoses, well meaning advice givers, doubters and medical professionals who are in need of a little more training.

#13 If I don't prioritise myself and my health then it deteriorates quickly, pain increases, mobility decreases. Then no matter how hard I try I let down the people relying on me. Caring for myself has to happen so that I can care for others.

#14 Be strong. Always.

#15 I am kind, I have a kind soul but I also love fiercely and when those I love are threatened I will fight for them. You will not remember me for my weakness.

#16 I hope that my daughter will use her wings to soar.

#17 This reminds me of my husband. He has been in my life longer than he hasn't and has blessed me with three beautiful children. We have this quote displayed at home.

#18 Always evaluate what you want to gain from a battle before you start. Some battles are worth saving for when the time is right and when you have the energy in reserve to see it through. Sometimes proving you are right is not needed knowing it in your heart is enough.

#19 I always try to teach my children that everyone has a story. Many disabilities are invisible, chronic illness often can't be seen, mental health issues and grief rest quietly inside people. You don't know what someone is going through unless you take the time to ask, to get to know their story.

#20 Attitude is everything when dealing with invisible illnesses.

#21 It is at times in my life when people have de-valued me, told me 'no' or undermined me that I have returned stronger and more determined to succeed I did it because you said that I could not and I knew better.

#22 Self belief.

#23 Your children empower you with a strength you never knew existed until you needed it to fight for them.

#24 you always have the power you just have to find it.

#25 We all plough through some shit everyday but get your happy on! It makes it all a little easier.

#26 We all need to believe in magic a little. Explore the world with glittering eyes to unlock your greatest opportunities.

#27 Be happy with your perfect imperfections.

#28 Be your own beautiful.

#29 Based on current estimations where EDS 1:500 and CMT1:2500 makes me 1:12million!!!

#30 Since I have been sharing my story through My Stripy Life it has healed me, it has helped me to grow and it has helped others. I couldn't have done that in the beginning I needed to come to terms with what was happening to my body and my life. Now I have and I am raising my children to understand that it is OK to be different. We all have our own strengths and we must play to them and not forget to see the beauty in everyday along the way to achieving our goals. These are wise words.

What is your favourite quote or motto that gets you through tough times? Did any resonate with you in your life?
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