Giant Cardboard Letter Installation

A few months ago, I stumbled across this photo on Pinterest. I loved how happy and playful the letters were and thought it would look awesome on a smaller scale at a party. So, Amy designed letters that looked similar to the original photo and we cut them out of cardboard, painted them in bright colors, and hung them up with tape! It’s super easy to DIY, but makes a HUGE impact in a room.

Materials needed: Pencil, cardboard, x-acto knife or box cutter, ruler, acrylic paint (in white, pink, green, blue, yellow-green, and bright yellow-orange), 2” paint brush, round paint brush, silver mylar sheets, hot glue gun, gaffer’s tape

Step 1: Draw the letters out in pencil on your cardboard (ours were about 2’ tall and 1.5’ at the widest point.) Once you’re happy with your shapes, cut your letters out with an x-acto knife. A ruler will help with the straight edges.
Step 2: For painted letters: with a wide brush, paint out the base colors.
Step 3: Once the base colors are completely dry, lightly pencil in your designs (stripes, starts, whatever you want!) Fill in the shapes with a round brush, and let dry before moving on.
Step 4: Add in details (the sprinkles, coconuts and tree rings, etc.) You can use a pencil to lightly draw it out in advance if you’re feeling unsure!
Step 5: For fringed letters: with an x-acto knife and ruler, cut a bunch of fringe from the silver mylar sheets about 2” tall with fringe 1 cm wide. Starting from the bottom of the letters, glue until they are totally covered.
Step 6: Stick the letters onto the wall with a loop of gaffer’s tape! And you’re all done!

Letter designs by Amy Moss
Crafting by Naomi Julia Satake

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