Sew Me Love

In July 2011, I bought a sewing machine and enrolled in a dressmaking class for fun! With this blog, I would like to share with you my dressmaking adventures, new skills that I learn, and pattern reviews. I love dresses. I love colorful dresses. I love classic dresses. I love color blocking. I love Vintage Vogue. I am hoping to make many, many dresses to wear and share on this blog. In my gallery will be photos of dresses that I have completed. I review patterns on Pattern Review, I hope that you will enjoy reading them and find them useful. If you have any tips to help out a beginner, feel free to leave me comments, I love comments and will reply to all :) If you would like me to reply to your comments by email or contact you via your blog, leave me your details. Thank you, happy reading!

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