Cutting Fabric with Silhouette CAMEO and Terial Magic Tutorial

The Silhouette cutting machines are gaining more and more popularity in the sewing and applique world. It's no wonder when you consider how crisp of cut lines you can get when cutting fabric with Silhouette CAMEO. To cut fabric without fraying with a Silhouette cutting machine, you need to know the trick! Lucky for you - I am going to spill it!

Not only will you need a Silhouette fabric cutting blade, but you'll also need Terial Magic which will essentially give the fabric a paper-like texture temporarily! If you're planning on applying the fabric to another fabric surface, you'll also want to add Heat N' Bond or another iron on adhesive.

Let's walk through this Silhouette fabric tutorial from the beginning. Get your Terial Magic (snip down the straw if necessary) and grab a large freezer back. Place the material that you wish to cut into the bag and spray it with the Terial Magic until the entire piece of fabric is damp.

Remove the fabric from the bag and make sure it's completely covered with the Terial Magic fabric spray. Then let it hang 'dry' for about 15 minutes. I say 'dry' because it's not going to dry in 15 minutes, but the spray fabric stabilizer will soak into the material.

Next you're going to apply heat until the fabric dries. This can be done with a heat press or iron. Place the damp material between two teflon sheets and apply heat.

As the heat is applied the fabric will both stiffen and dry.

If you are going to apply the fabric to other surface you'll need some kind of fabric adhesive. Go ahead and iron or press on your iron on adhesive to the back side of the fabric. I would suggest Heat N' Bond or Silhouette brand. If you do not need an adhesive backing for your fabric - you can skip this step.

Peel off the paper backing from the iron on adhesive and prepare to cut.

Place the fabric onto your Silhouette cutting mat with the right side up. Make sure you are using a Silhouette fabric blade to get the best fabric cut with the Silhouette machine.

From the Cut Settings window in Silhouette Studio select "Fabric - Thin Like Cotton" from the material list and adjust the blade settings according to the recommend cut settings. Send the design to cut.

When the design is finished cutting, weed away the excess fabric to expose your design.

You can now either pick up your fabric pieces individually to move them onto the surface where they will be applied or you can use high temperature tape to keep them in position while moving them onto the surface.

If you use Heat n' Bond, you can now use your iron or heat press to quickly apply heat to bond the fabric onto the surface. I usually press at 305 for about 20 seconds - always covering with a teflon sheet.

And that's all there is to getting a clean cut on fabric with Silhouette CAMEO! It's amazing how much it cuts like paper when using the Terial Magic with the fabric blade (and Heat N Bond for adhesive) - and it washes out so the fabric won't stay stiff!

Here's a close up so you can see just how clean those cut lines are on the fabric.

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